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Best Laptop for Streaming Twitch at 1080p in 2020

The best laptop for streaming Twitch needs to have fast download speed and good display quality. RAM, battery longevity, and screen size are also important for the gaming stream.

You can stream Twitch at the following resolution: 160p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 720p-60FPS, 1080p-60FPS. While these resolution alternatives might not need the highest gaming specifications, you can certainly get the need to jump into a game yourself after watching others play for hours. You will need to purchase a laptop with a dedicated video card to play the games yourself.

10 Best Laptops for Streaming Twitch Without Interruption Compared

The best live streaming laptops are listed below. Some support gameplay with dedicated video cards while others are only made for streaming.

You came to the right place if you struggle to understand laptop components and how they impact what you can and what you can’t do on a computer. After careful analysis, the best laptops for Twitch streaming can be ranked as follows.

  1. Apple MacBook Pro

The 15” MacBook Pro is one of the high-quality laptops supporting high-quality streaming. Dedicated componentry allows the computer to be a long-term streaming station as Apple is known for making quality products.

You need to create a Twitch account to start streaming on a MacBook Pro. Once you have your account, you can enjoy flawless streaming, as long as your local router supports high internet speed.

The laptop is available with either Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i9 processors. The high capacity of these 2 processors has been tested and proven in benchmarks and it shows how reliable the laptop is even outside streaming needs. Even the 9th generation 6-core i7 is excellent for streaming videos.

Radeon Pro 555X graphics cards with 4GB video memory are added to the laptop. While this is not a gaming laptop, it certainly works with the occasional title in streaming pauses (unlike the standard UHD MacBook Air).

With up to 32GB RAM, the highest performing laptop stands out in the way it handles a wide range of software as well.

The highest advantage of choosing this laptop over others sits in its amazing 15” Retina display. Its sharpness is what allows Twitch fans to follow favourites and watch videos that look similar if not better than on TV.

Solid-state drives with up to 3.2Gb/s are added to these laptops along with large HDDs. Their speed is hard to match. The same can be said about its 5K capabilities as TVs can be connected to stream on a larger screen.

If you’re looking at different live streams at the same time, you can easily browse between Safari open tabs. Tap gestures on the laptop allow you to quickly switch between these tabs. VR ready, the laptop can be relied on for complete entertainment.

Features for better streaming

  • 4” Retina display
  • 12MB processor cache
  • 10+ hours battery life
  • 4GB of GDDR5 memory
  • Radeon Pro 560X video card
  • 11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking
  1. Razer Blade 15

With a full HD display, the Razer Blade laptop has the quality needed to stream Twitch. It even features colourful calibrated SRGB nuances for the best images. Running at resolutions of 1920 X 1080, the laptop stands out from its direct competitors. It has the makings of a gaming laptop which means it doesn’t struggle in streaming and that it supports the occasional games when Twitch-watching is paused.

9th generation Intel processors are used in the capable portable computer. Fast quad-core processing power is aided by capable video chipsets under NVidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 (AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT equivalent) technology. This allows for handling complex graphics and maximum resolution streaming.

Streaming also looks fluent on the 15.6” display. With a 144Hz refresh rate, the laptop has all the makings of a true performer, especially since it comes colour-calibrated from the factory. The high refresh rate also benefits users who need to take care of their vision.

Similarly to the MacBook laptop, Razer Blade also features top-quality materials that place it in the premium range of laptops. The CNC-machined aluminium casing makes the laptop look sleek and it also adds durability to the computer.

While the mobile computer is more expensive than Apple’s laptop above, it comes with better components to play the games seen on Twitch as well. From this perspective, its 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD (upgradable to NVME SSDs) makes it stand out for those who want to get their hands on the action.

The battery life of this gaming laptop is a bit shorter than the one of the MacBook Pro and Razer Blade Pro. This is the main reason users should not rely on it for more than 6 hours of continuous streaming without planning to recharge.

Features for better streaming

  • 6″ 144Hz Full HD display
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics
  • 9th Generation Intel Core i7 – 9750H
  • 512GB SSD + 2.5″ slot (SATA) storage
  • MiniDisplayPort and HDMI connectivity for TV streaming
  1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

When the weight of the laptop becomes too much, Microsoft’s laptop can be a worthy option. With a weight of just 1.2kg, it can easily be held in bed or on a chair while relaxing and watching Twitch. Its reduced weight is far from being its largest advantage, however.

Its sleek design is certainly a conversation starter. But even without talking to anyone, you can enjoy it for hours while away from home. It features an 11.5 hours battery life which makes it perfect for a full day of streaming without recharging.

Available in 13.5” and 15” displays, it offers high-quality video performance lacking from other ultrabook-type alternatives.

The attention to detail Microsoft had with the laptop is impressive. For example, its glass touchpad is one of the most responsive users can enjoy at this average laptop price.

Streaming is not seasonal as there are many gaming competitions throughout the year. This is why you can benefit from 2 types of keyboards with a different feel. Warm Alcantara and cool metal finishes are available for the compact keyboard of the laptop.

Omnisonic is added to improve the audio quality of your favourite streaming channels. Omnidirectional in construction, these speakers allow users to enjoy crisp audio form any part of the room.

Since it’s made by Microsoft, the laptop comes with extras such as installed Windows 10. However, it’s the password-free facial recognition sign-in that’s implemented for smooth quick unlock and as an extra safety feature.

Features for better streaming

  • Intel i5 processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Interactive touchscreen with HD resolution
  • 5 hours of battery life
  1. Acer Predator Helios 300

The Helios series is known for its affordable gaming releases. The Helios 300 is more than a streaming laptop as it supports all types of new games to try out just as the favourite streamers play.

With NVidia GTX 1660Ti graphics, there are no reasons to worry about potentially missed frames. The highly-marked graphics card does justice to all types of HD videos and it even allows minimum colour customization.

The 144Hz IPS display is available both in 15.6” and 17.3”. For the most immersive Twitch experience, the larger display could be a solution to go with, even if it drains the laptop battery faster.

Long streaming sessions can be demanding on entry-level laptops. Keeping them cool sounds easy but overheating and bent components show how complicated this can be. Acer uses its 4th Gen AeroBlade 3D Technology for cooling efficiency. When you stream for hours, you can also check the CPU temperature in real-time.

Features for better streaming

  • 144Hz IPS display
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics (comparable to the GTX 1060)
  • Intel i5 and i7 processors
  • Waves NX 3D Sound technology
  • Support for extra displays with HDMI connectivity
  1. Dell G5 15

The capable laptop is one of the leading options for users who need to connect laptops to other high-resolution displays. As a result, Twitch can be enjoyed on a large flat-screen TV or a large monitor. It supports 2 4K connections or 1 5K connection.

Based on an FHD display, the portable computer supports flicker-free videos. The pcie G-sync GeForce GTX graphics made with 4GB GDDR5 dedicated memory help steer graphics towards realistic images.

E2500 Gigabit Ethernet supports high data transfer speed. The award-winning chipset is known for minimizing ping time for gamers and it may be among the best for downloads and uploads.

Another practical reason to choose the laptop over others is the location of its ports. With most ports (USB Type-C, HDMI, and LAN) situated on the back of the laptop, it even keeps cables out of the way. For example, if you want to stream the game directly from your router using a LAN port you can connect the cable to the back of the laptop to have it out of the way.

With 8GB RAM, the laptop with a backlit keyboard is responsive. But this capacity can be raised to 32GB in case users want to try out various demanding applications even when streaming using its webcam.

8th Gen Intel Core i7 processors (AMD Ryzen 7 2700X alternative) seen on other powerful laptops such as those from MSI are used ensure the G5 can be a solid option even a few years from now when streaming video resolution is going to be even higher.

Features for better streaming

  • E2500 Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • 1080p full HD display resolution
  • Compatible with 5K and 4K displays
  • SmartByte technology for video content prioritization
  1. ASUS VivoBook S15

The laptop features an interesting design that tilts the keyboard slightly. Lifted at 3.5°, the keyboard is easier to type on and this can be an option for those frequently searching for different streams on Twitch.

Even with its tilt keyboard, the laptop still doesn’t fault the display which has been made to support the lifted weight of the keyboard. Furthermore, it supports good visibility angles which don’t hinder the display’s visibility.

The keyboard with a twist is not its only major benefit. The laptop for Twitch streaming also comes with fast charging capabilities. You can have it ready to watch movies within an hour if you forget to plug the power cable in. This means the laptop features impressive results with 60% charging in just 49 minutes.

Compatible with OBS Studio (opensource software for recording and live streaming), the laptop features a thin bezel. It allows the screen to be better represented with a wide opening angle of up to 178 degrees. If you watch your videos in bed, the wide-angle proves practical.

Features for better streaming

  • HDMI port for monitor connectivity
  • USB-C 3.1 and USB 2.0 ports for connectivity
  • Wide 178-degree viewing angle
  • Full HD NanoEdge Display
  1. ASUS ZenBook UX333

Supporting full HD definition, ZenBook is one of the travel-friendly designs made for better streaming video quality. The high resolution allows users to enjoy full details with good image depth and a realistic representation of both games and the players recording themselves on the platform.

Apart from supporting the full resolution, the laptop features the Tru2Life ASUS technology. This adjusts how colours look on the screen, brightness, and even eye comfort level.

Another considerable advantage of those streaming videos on the road is the small screen size. At 13.3”, the portable computer is easy to carry. A laptop bag can be all that’s needed to have it ready to stream HD videos while away from home.

At the same time, the small screen size also supports its energy-efficient design. Made with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, it lasts up to 14 hours before recharging. Furthermore, the 1.09kg laptop can be used for extensive streaming without recharging in special events. Twitch tournaments can be such special events where the laptop outshines its competitors with its long battery life.

Features for better streaming

  • 95% screen to body ratio
  • Tru2Life colour performance
  • It uses an audio amplifier for rich sounds
  • Capable of multitasking based on the i7 Intel processor
  1. HP Stream 11

If you only need a simple laptop at a low price exclusively for steaming, the HP Stream 11 can be the right way to go. Available at an unrivalled price, the laptop is ready to offer both mobility and streaming fluency based on its Intel Celeron processor.

HP makes it in 11.6” and 14” display versions. Both of these are useful in their way. The smaller version gets all the points for travelling simplicity while its larger display alternative is better suited for deeper long video streaming sessions.

However, both of these benefits from a few extras which make the laptop an interesting choice for saving videos on the platform as well. Up to 1 TB of cloud storage is offered on both of the laptop’s versions.

Features for better streaming

  • Ideal for streaming games and web browsing
  • 13+ hours battery life
  • HDMI out port
  • Dual front-facing speakers
  1. Lenovo IdeaPad S540

Dolby Audio makes the affordable IdeaPad the right choice if you value audio above video quality. The technology has been recognized for its clarity and the front-facing speakers of the laptop make it ready for the highest audio fidelity.

Sure, there’s no dedicated video card on the laptop. This limits the types of games it can play. But for streaming purposes, it has everything it needs to run HD videos. Among its hidden benefits, the laptop comes with a very good battery life.

Those already using the laptop confirm it comes with 14-15 hours battery life, depending on the software it runs. This long battery life recommends it for long streams away from a power source.

Quick charging is also supported by the battery. It takes around 15 minutes of charging to enjoy up to 2 hours of streaming.

Features for better streaming

  • Dolby Audio speaker system
  • Quiet dual-action cooling system
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1080p HD resolution video support
  1. HP Chromebook 15

If you don’t want to invest thousands in a streaming laptop, you can enjoy your favourite videos on a lower specifications laptop. Chromebook 15 might be a cheap laptop for Twitch, but it has the DNA of a responsive computer in full HD based on the Windows operating system.

A full HD IPS display as added by HP to make its images bright and vivid even without a strong graphics card such as the GTX 1070. There’s even room for colour adjustments through the Intel HD Graphics 610 integrated video card. However, the laptop is not made for gaming and it won’t run most of the games featured on Twitch.

HP Audio Boost with custom tuning enhances the audio details of the laptop more than its video capabilities. Immersive and realistic sound is supported by the small computer for the most impressive surround-like performance.

Features for better streaming

  • FHD micro-edge display
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • Intel HD Graphics 610 graphics card
  • 50% charged in 45 minutes

This is how you purchase the best laptop for streaming Twitch

Twitch is not very demanding when it comes to system components. It’s another laptop characteristic that matters more such as the size of the screen and its adjustability angle.

Screen size

Streaming laptop displays are usually judged with the same eyes as other entertainment content. The right size differs depending on your preferences. The smallest laptops for streaming are practical and they are very easy to carry in a backpack when away from home. Large laptops offer a superior gaming experience by they lose points in portability.

The adjustability angle of the screen is also important. Many laptops listed above have 180-degree laptop display adjustability which allows them to be used without losing screen visibility even when lying in bed.

Integrated vs. dedicated graphics

You don’t need a dedicated graphics card to join Twitch. This often confuses many new platform users. Since all users are gamers, it’s worth investing in a laptop that is used can play games and this is why a dedicated graphics card proves the superior option.

When only purchasing a laptop for streaming, the dedicated video card isn’t needed. Some gamers play on desktop PCs and they only need a laptop that can stream alongside their main gaming setup. A dedicated video card isn’t necessary for this situation.

Battery life

As with laptops for all uses, battery life is very different from one product to another. The shortest battery life sits at the 6-hours mark. Some of the laptops with long battery life for Twitch can work for 11 hours without recharging. Depending on the setup, it might be an important characteristic.

Others only use laptops at home, with the power cable plugged in. Such setups don’t require investing in a laptop with a long battery life.

Video and sound optimization extras

Many of the laptops listed above go beyond what’s expected. They offer video and audio tweaking tools which further improve the user experience. Display colour profiles can be one of these extras to take into consideration when spending long hours on Twitch.

Twitch laptop streaming FAQ

How to stream Twitch on a laptop?

To access your Twitch account with no restrictions you need to enter your key under the Settings menu. Some content is available for free on the homepage and you can click the featured videos to start seeing how they stream on your budget laptop.

What laptops are good for streaming?

As seen above, the Apple MacBook Pro with its Retina display is an excellent streaming solution. It features quick tactile functions which make the life of the user a bit simpler than with other laptops. Furthermore, its components are of high-class.

Are gaming laptops good for streaming?

Gaming laptops outshine all other laptops for video streaming. With high DDR4 RAM, fast hard drives, and better video cards, these laptops don’t struggle at the highest Twitch 1080 resolution.


Gamers share valuable content on Twitch, a platform that can be interpreted as the YouTube of gamers. With a few million users, the online community is growing and there are almost always hundreds of lives videos to watch at any hour of the day.

If you’re watching Twitch videos we want to hear from you. We know the platform is responsive and there’s no lag, but do you feel peak hours lead to video interruptions? Let us know what your preferred laptop to deal with these issues is in the comments section below.