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Cheapest GTX 1070 Laptops for Gaming in 2020

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In the world of gaming, a week barely goes by without a new game being released. And, with each release, we see clearer, crisper images, and yet more graphics intensive games. Whilst these steps forward in terms of gaming imagery show off some impressive technology – they do come at a price. That price is the cost of a gaming laptop with a GTX graphics card that is capable of handling the incredible imagery! Having said that, if you aim for an upper-mid range gaming laptop with GTX 1070 graphics – you can get a good deal in terms of cost, resolution, and refresh speed. The question then is, what is the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop on the market right now?

Well, if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming laptop, and are looking for the best GTX laptop within a reasonable price range, we need to remind you here that even the cheapest models aren’t exactly what you’d call cheap.  But if you’re ready and willing to invest in your gaming setup, we’re here to help. We’re going to share with you the cheapest GTX 1070 laptops available to buy right now. We’ll also delve deeper into the technical specs, including processor, screen size, and refresh rate. All you need to do is sit back, and decide which of the latest games you’ll play on your new GTX laptop at the end.

So, if you’re ready to take a closer look at the latest – and cheapest – GTX 1070 laptop, let’s get going!


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9 Cheapest GTX 1070 Laptops: Best For Gaming 2020

If you’re buying a laptop with a dedicated graphics card such as the GTX 1070, you might be wondering what makes it worth the money. Well, the GTX 1070 graphics card provides some of the highest-resolution graphics available at the moment. Whilst it might not be quite as fast as the GTX 1080 – it will certainly not disappoint you – and more importantly, won’t cost you anywhere near as much.

Back in the day, 1080p was the top of the range in terms of gaming resolution, but what we’re looking at now is 1440p. Well, even the cheapest GTX 1070 laptops can make that a reality – and we think you should experience it.

So, let’s take a look at the best and cheapest laptops with GTX 1070 available on the market right now!


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Whilst the MSI GP73 certainly can’t be considered ‘budget’ based on its current cost, it is still one of the cheapest models on our list. And, for the price, you really do get a lot in terms of performance and speed.

This gaming laptop is one of the latest from MSI and holds an Intel Core i7 processor. A processor of this calibre guarantees speed and efficiency when gaming, a must-have for seasoned gamers wanting to avoid lag. This laptop also runs on Windows 10 Home as its standard operating system.

You can also expect 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and a huge 1TB hard drive from this model. So, if you’re regularly downloading games, you can rest assured this laptop won’t get bogged down easily. Not only that, but the 16GB RAM will ensure high performance throughout, particularly when running those heavy-duty games.

We know that this gaming laptop comes with a built-in GTX 1070 graphics card. Of course, this is the feature we’re looking for in a gaming laptop – and for the cost, it’s a decent buy. In terms of screen size, this model provides a full HD 17.3-inch screen. Not the most portable, but an excellent size to make the most out of the clean-cut graphics. You’re also looking at a 120 Hz refresh rate, which isn’t the highest on our list today. But, it will easily run games at 1080p – and will be more than capable of tacking those 1440p high-res games too.

A nice additional feature on the MSI GP73 is the Steel Series keyboard with full-colour backlighting. Does it contribute to the performance? Not really, but we love what it looks like so it’s another tick from us.

  • GTX 1070 graphics card
  • 16GB RAM + 1TB hard drive
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Steel Series gaming keyboard with full-colour backlighting

The MSI GP73 is the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop on our list today, and we’re impressed. For the price (and we’re still not saying it’s cheap), you get some decent technology and hardware built-in. With an Intel Core i7 8750h processor and 120 Hz refresh rate, it packs a good performance. Plus, we like the Steel Series gaming keyboard as an additional feature too. Would we recommend this model? Absolutely.

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Razer Blade 15

The most expensive model on our list, but still one of the cheapest GTX 1070 laptops on the market, is the Razer Blade 15. It might be smaller in size, but it is certainly no less powerful for it, containing some pretty impressive hardware in its sleek slimline casing.

As one of the smallest gaming laptops out there, the Razer Blade 15 is perfect if you’re looking for something a little more portable. Gaming laptops have a reputation for being chunky. Probably due to the sheer amount of technology required to make them run as they should. Well, the Razer Blade 15 has put a stop to that. With an Intel Core i7 6 processor and 16GB DDR4 RAM, you can expect top of the range performance. Plus, 512GB storage, which if required, can be upgraded to a huge 2TB. You’ll have absolutely no issues with the speed of this laptop, and once in use, the hefty price tag makes a lot of sense.

Of course, we can’t forget the NVIDIA Geforce 1070 graphics card. Combined with 144 Hz refresh rate, and the 15.6 inch full HD display, you’ll be immersed in smooth gameplay. In fact, we’d have to say the display and graphics combined really are a highlight of this model.

Despite the compact design of this full aluminium model, there are still plenty of additional features. These include a large high-precision touchpad, 3 USB ports, HDMI port, mini-display port, and Thunderbolt port to boot. Added to that is customisable Chroma keyboard backlighting too.

  • NVIDIA GTX 1070 Graphics
  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM + 512 GB storage
  • 144Hz refresh rate

If your price range for a gaming laptop stretches further, we would highly recommend this model. It’s by no means the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop, however, the performance and graphics really do justify the price. And, for such a compact, and portable laptop, you aren’t sacrificing anything in terms of high-tech specs. This is a pricey, but well-performing gaming laptop, with nice additional features too.

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Another one of the more costly models on our search for the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop, is the GIGABYTE AERO. This model has a lot going for it in terms of hardware and performance and is proving to be a popular choice among gamers.

If you decide to opt for a gaming laptop rather than a stand-alone PC, you might worry you’ll need to sacrifice features. An example of this would be access to a full gaming keyboard or ambient lighting. Well, the GIGABYTE AERO will put a stop to those concerns.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the hardware provided on this laptop. As with other models on our list, the AERO comes with Intel Core i7 processor. As we’ve mentioned previously, this is a high-performance processor and is designed for users wanting to get the most out of gaming, streaming, and content creation. It is also an improvement on its predecessors which struggled to run high volume programs.

With 16GB RAM installed, the GIGABYTE AERO will run with speed and efficiency – so no need to worry about lag affecting your gameplayhere. It also comes with 512GB SSD storage, which is expandable via the 2 additional SSD slots provided.

So, we know that the GIGABYTE AERO comes with NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 graphics, but that’s not all. This model provides a 144 Hz refresh rate, combined with X-Rite Pantone Colour Calibration. Yes, this combination makes for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. The Pantone Colour Calibration really does give a higher resolution and clean-cut picture. And, on a 15.6-inch full HD screen, we’re in no doubt that you’ll appreciate the difference in quality.

And now on to those additional features. This model comes with a full RGB Fusion keyboard with N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology. You can play games at speed without those accidental key-slips, plus, you can personalise keys of your choice too. This gaming laptop also comes with an ambient lighting sensor, so backlighting and screen display will be automatically altered depending on your environment – pretty impressive! Add to that the personalised RGB lighting effects of up to 16.7 million colours, and you’re starting to see the landscape of functionality that this model offers.

Another nice additional feature on the GIGABYTE AERO gaming laptop is the Dolby Atmos sound. You can fully immerse yourself in gaming with this high-quality sound. Which, when combined with the high-res display makes for an impressive gaming setup on one portable device.

In terms of connectivity, you’re looking at 3 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, plus the latest Thunderbolt 3 port which opens doors to 4K external connections too. Definitely not a bad line-up for one of the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop on the market!

  • Built-in GTX 1070 graphics card
  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB RAM + 512GB SSD storage
  • RGB Fusion keyboard + Dolby Atmos sound

Despite the higher price tag attached to his gaming laptop, it’s hard not to be impressed with what the GIGABYTE AERO has to offer. In terms of functionality, features, and performance, this might be the best GTX 1070 laptop on our list. It doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for high-performance gaming and portability, this model certainly offers both.

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The ASUSTEK ROG is an eSports gaming laptop that, if you have a higher budget, is well worth consideration. The features on this laptop are vast, including a GTX 1070 graphics card to start.

Built with an Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 10 operating system, this gaming laptop is good to go straight out of the box. It will run fast, even if you’re streaming music, gaming online, and browsing the web. So, if you’re looking for high-performance and efficiency, it’s got it.

In terms of the ASUSTEK STRIX other specs, you’re looking at 16GB DDR4 RAM and 128GB solid-state drive. These two combined will almost guarantee smooth running on this device. Plus, you don’t need to worry about downloading games and music reducing the performance.

In comparison to the GIGABYTE AERO and Razer Blade 15, this is a bigger laptop. So, if the screen size is more important than portability (and in many cases it is), then the 17.3-inch screen on this laptop will suit you better. With full HD technology and 1920 x 1080 pixels, this is an impressive display. And that’s before you’ve even started to factor in the GTX 1070 graphics card. Yes, if you want to immerse yourself in high-intensity games graphics (we’re looking at you Red Dead Redemption 2), then this laptop is worth a try.

If you’re into your marathon gaming sessions, then the ASUSTEK has you covered. This laptop has a built-in anti-dust cooling system. This advanced system will ensure your laptop is fully equipped for long-term use. Plus, it also has a patented trapeze-cut lid to ensure cooling efficiency too.

Additional features we enjoy on this laptop are the Aura Sync lighting effects – all fully customisable. Plus, smart-amplifier technology that will adjust the audio in real-time to protect the speakers and increase the sound output up to 200% to boot. We also want to mention the design of this gaming laptop. Which, for a larger model is sleek looking and built with brushed aluminium.

  • GTX 1070 graphics card
  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB RAM + 128GB solid state drive
  • Aura Sync lighting effects + smart amplifier technology

The ASUSTEK ROG STRIX gaming laptop is a popular choice by those looking for the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop. It not only has one of the top built-in graphics cards. But it is also a high performer when it comes to running high-res games. Another popular feature is the larger screen, which really gives you the opportunity to take-in the graphics put out by the GTX 1070. It’s not the cheapest on our list, but it offers as much in terms of functionality as the most expensive models. And for that reason, we think it’s a great choice of gaming laptop this year.

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HP Pavilion GTX 1650 Ti

Ok, so if you’ve looked at the cheapest GTX 1070 laptops on our list today and realised that they are still out of your price range, this one is for you.

Coming in at a much more affordable price at under £1000 at the time of writing, is the HP Pavilion gaming laptop. We must stress here that this laptop does not have a built-in GTX 1070 graphics, but does in fact have the much more affordable GTX 1650.

It might not perform quite as well as the GTX 1070, but the 1650 is still an impressive piece of hardware. If having those graphics set to the highest quality is extremely important, then this isn’t the laptop for you. But, if you’re willing to sacrifice the quality on some games, for a more affordable laptop, then the HP Pavilion is worth considering.

The HP Pavilion is built with Intel Core i5 processor, which might not be as fast as the more recently released Intel Core i7. But it is still a capable and reliable processor that will give out high performance. Including when gaming both on and offline. It also comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM, plus 512GB SSD storage which is a hefty amount for a low budget gaming laptop. Yes, the RAM is lower than other models on our list. But when you consider how much lower this model is in price, it’s hard to argue with these specs.

In terms of additional features, the lower-priced HP Pavilion doesn’t disappoint. To start with, it has an advanced cooling system to maximise airflow and cool the device – especially for those longer and more gruelling gaming sessions. It also comes with a full backlit keyboard, with integrated numeric pad and anti-glare panel.

The 17.3-inch full HD display is also something to boast about. With 1920 x 1080 pixels plus 300 nits of brightness, this is a clean, crisp display. Combined with the GTX 1650 graphics card, and we don’t think you’ll notice this is a lower-budget gaming laptop. This model also has built-in audio by B&O, making it extremely easy to immerse yourself in gaming both audibly and visibly.

  • GTX 1650 graphics card
  • 8GB RAM + 512GB SSD
  • 3 USB ports, plus 1 USB C + 1 HDMI
  • Backlit keyboard

In terms of RAM and the GTX graphics card level, this model is obviously a step down in comparison to others on our list. Having said that, the performance of this laptop is highly recommended and receives excellent reviews from users. If you’re not looking for the most expensive gaming laptop, and want a well-performing and highly functional device, this is a great choice. The reason we’re impressed with this model is that it demonstrates that you can get a high-functioning gaming laptop for under £1000. And this is certainly one of them.

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Gaming PC and keyboard


To Conclude

As far as gaming laptops go, there are few out there that can be called ‘cheap’ or ‘budget’. The technology and hardware required in laptops to run the latest games are far from simple. And, with complex technology – such as GTX graphics cards – comes a higher price tag.

Having said, we hope that we been able to assist you in your search for the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop. As you can see, there are numerous brands, models, and features available on the market – and what you are willing to pay will vary greatly depending on your expectations.

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Do I Need a GTX 1070 Graphics Card for Gaming?

If you’re buying a laptop that you are intending to use for gaming, then you will need a dedicated graphics card. All PC’s or laptops come with an integrated graphics card, and so every device is capable of displaying images on your monitor or screen. But not all graphics cards are capable of running the graphic intensive games available to play today.

The reason most gamers choose to buy a dedicated graphics card such as the GTX 1070 (or other models), is down to the improvements in games graphics in recent years. Game developers are only ever looking to increase the graphics on games, making them more realistic, higher definition, and more detailed than ever. If you buy a laptop with a standard integrated graphics card, chances are it wouldn’t cope with 1080p games graphics. This would result in the game not running properly, or with an incredibly frustrating lag.

Gaming laptop and monitor on desk - cheapest GTX 1070 laptop
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Many seasoned gamers choose to build their own PC. So they can upgrade the graphics card as time goes by. And, in most instances, they will choose a GTX graphics card because not only can you choose the model – and capability. You can guarantee a graphics card of this calibre will cope with even the highest-resolution games available to play right now.

Buying a laptop with a built-in GTX 1070 graphics card will give you that same guarantee. And whilst you by no means have to invest in a graphics card of this standard (and cost), many gamers see it as an investment in the sense that graphics on games will only get better. So, if you want to play the latest games in the future without issue, a decent graphics card is essential.


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Why Are Gaming Laptops So Expensive?

The simple reason gaming laptops are so expensive is because they require a lot of high-tech engineering and technology. This is what enables them to run the latest games at the rate we require. The components used to build a gaming laptop have to be as robust and as high-performing as those that feature in a gaming PC. Except that they also need to be more compact, which makes producing these components a more fiddly, and expensive job.

Added to that is the risk of overheating. Compact devices such as gaming laptops are generally used for long periods of time (read as long gaming sessions). And so need to be built with adequate cooling systems. It is often these cooling systems that cost a higher price. But, unless you want your laptop overheating after that first night on Overwatch, it is a crucial part of the design.


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Of course, one of the most important, and costly factors in the production of a gaming laptop is the specs. As with gaming PCs, you want the best in terms of RAM, processor, storage. You are also paying the price of built-in keyboard and mouse – both of which need to be premium products to make them worthy of playing games.

Gaming laptops offer both the power of a desktop PC, with the portability of a standard laptop. If you’re a dedicated gamer who needs portability, then a decent gaming laptop is almost definitely worth the investment. It is all down to finding the device that is right for you. And of course, weighing up whether graphics cards, screen size, keyboard features, or audio are important features to look for in a spec. And, once you know what you’re looking for, you might find the cheapest GTX 1070 laptop meets your criteria!

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