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Why can’t I get BBC iPlayer on my Samsung Smart TV? Sony models also affected!

The BBC launched the iPlayer all the way back in 2007. And since then, tonnes of content has been made available for BBC fans to enjoy.

From Stacey Dooley documentaries on BBC Three to the nature watch series on BBC One, there’s almost an unlimited supply of shows to watch with iPlayer.

However, people wanting to use the service across the UK have been majorly disappointed in 2020 as their TV doesn’t seem to be connecting to the app. Owners of Sony and Samsung TVs are encountering issues with BBC iPlayer.

Let’s take a look at why you’re not getting BBC iPlayer on your Samsung Smart TV.

Why can't I get BBC iPlayer on my Samsung Smart TV?
Envato Elements – Why can’t I get BBC iPlayer on my Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVs and BBC iPlayer – Are they compatible?

Yes – Samsung Smart TVs and BBC iPlayer are compatible on the whole.

However, there are some older models of TV that will need their software updating before you can use BBC iPlayer.

Many Samsung TV owners have received a message reading In order to continue using BBC iPlayer…’ when you open the app.

There are on-screen instructions to follow, however, if you’re still having issues, we run through the software update below.

Get BBC iPlayer working on my 2014 Samsung Smart TV

If you have a 2014 or an ‘H’ series Samsung TV, these are the steps to follow to get iPlayer working.

  • To get things up and running again, you’ll firstly need to switch your TV off at the mains.
  • Now, wait for 30-60 seconds before switching the TV back on again at the wall.
  • Samsung advises to now wait for around five minutes, they say: “Do not press the Smart Hub button during this time.”
  • Turn the TV off at the wall once more.
  • Wait for another 30 seconds.
  • Switch the TV back on again at the mains.
  • BBC iPlayer will now be restored.

If your BBC app still isn’t working, Samsung suggests carrying out a SmartHub Reset.

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Using another model of Samsung TV to watch iPlayer?

If you’re using a different Samsung TV model after December 19th 2019 then please run through the following steps.

  • You’ll firstly need to come out of the BBC iPlayer and SmartHub to carry out the software update.
  • Press ‘Menu’ on your Samsung remote control
  • Then navigating through the user menu click ‘Support’, ‘Software Update’, ‘Update now’. Alternatively, the steps might read ‘Support’, ‘Software Update’, ‘Online’.
  • Now, you’ll need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete your software update.

To see a list of Samsung TVs that have been updated please click here.

If you own an ‘F’ series Samsung TV please see the further steps you’ll need to take here.

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Sony Bravia: iPlayer not working in 2020

Another TV brand that seems to have had issues with BBC iPlayer is Sony.

As of February 17th 2020, BBC iPlayer stopped working on older Sony TVs. Many Sony TV owners received a message advising that their device would lose BBC iPlayer from 17th February.

According to the BBC: “You will still be able to use it as long as you adapt it with a set-top box or a streaming device.”

It looks like some 2012 and 2013 models of Sony TV have been affected. For a full list of devices please click here.

If you require assistance in finding a TV streaming box or stick then please don’t hesitate to give Digi Helpdesk a free phone call today on 0800 433 7963.

Why can't I get BBC iPlayer on my Samsung Smart TV?
Envato Elements Why can’t I get BBC iPlayer on my Samsung Smart TV?


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