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What to do if Cisco VideoGuard player is interfering with your Sky Go app!

Whether you’re using an Xbox, Playstation, Tablet or Mobile, Sky has made it possible to watch TV wherever you are.

Their on-demand service, Sky Go, launched in 2006, and since then, Sky TV customers can enjoy their favourite shows on two devices at no extra cost.

However, as with all streaming services, Sky Go has its fair share of issues.

Here’s how to stop Cisco VideoGuard player from interfering with your Sky Go viewing.
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What is Cisco VideoGuard?

Cisco VideoGuard is described as a digital encryption service that’s used globally for video broadcasts.

Because Sky Go and other companies that use Cisco Videoguard are subscription-based, says “the service encrypts standard subscription channels and pay-per-view movies and events” aired.

The programme is almost always installed automatically along with the TV streaming app of choice, such as Sky Go, Now TV or Direct TV.
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Cisco VideoGuard player and Sky Go

Subscribers to Sky TV seem to be encountering issues when it comes to watching programmes via the on-demand and streaming service, Sky Go.

VideoGuard is seen to be ‘protecting’ the video thus causing a lot of irritation for Sky Go viewers.

This can be a very frustrating glitch, however, it is solvable, thankfully…

Sandy22277 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
Sandy22277 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

How to fix the Cisco VideoGuard player and Sky Go issue

The most simple option to fix the VideoGuard issue is to force the programme to shut down. This can be done through ctl+alt+delete on a Windows computer or by accessing the activity monitor on a Mac.

If this doesn’t work, there are a few other suggestions for fixing issues arising from the Cisco VideoGuard player and Sky Go.

  • Firstly, try uninstalling both the VideoGuard player and Sky Go app from your device. Delete the folders titled ‘VideoGuard Player, VideoGuard, Sky Go and Sky’.
  • Go to the C Drive on your device to remove the folders, then App Data.
  • Once deleted, re-install the Sky Go app and relaunch.


  • Another suggestion is to try right-clicking the Sky Go app icon.
  • Scroll to ‘properties’ and then select ‘compatibility mode’.
  • If a box is ticked next to ‘Run in Windows 7 mode’ then be sure to untick this box.
  • Now, select ‘apply’. Finally, launch the Sky Go app again and it should be up and running.

Lastly, you can try disabling your firewall. However, be sure to enable it again when browsing the internet.
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