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Home TV What to do if your LG TV isn’t programmed with Tata Sky – it should be easy to fix!
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What to do if your LG TV isn’t programmed with Tata Sky – it should be easy to fix!

Sky, Virgin Media and BT are UK leaders in providing TV services.

According to CSI Magazine Sky has 11.7 million customers in the UK alone.

But if you’re watching Tata Sky – the Indian satellite TV provider, then this one’s for you.

Here’s what to do if your LG TV is not programmed with Tata Sky.

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Why is my LG TV not programmed with Tata Sky?

So, according to LG’s website, the main reason that your LG TV is showing a ‘not programmed’ error is due to the TV input not being set up correctly.

The first thing we would suggest is to check that all of your input and output cables are connected securely, this will be your HDMI cables, Scart and more.

Now, navigate to your LG TV settings with the remote control and go through the AV, Digital TV and HDMI setup.
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LG TV not programmed – solutions

The quickest and easiest way to fix the ‘not programmed’ issue is to click the Smart button on your LG remote and select ‘Input list’, then select AV until your TV picture shows up.

Alternatively, you can go to ‘settings’, then ‘input’, now select HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 or AV1 or AV2 and your TV picture should now show.

Finally, if this still hasn’t fixed the issue it probably means that there’s another issue going on with the TV, for example with the channels. We’d advise that you complete an auto programme on the TV if this is the case.
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Other LG TV problems with Tata Sky

There are some other issues people are experiencing with their LG TVs and Tata Sky such as remote pairing.

To pair your Sky remote with your Smart TV see our previous article here.

Using apps on the Smart TV has also seen issues arise.

If you’re having trouble with apps on the TV always try turning the device off and on again. Make sure that your TV is using the latest software and ensure that your network connection is working well.

If the issue still persists then contact Digi Helpdesk today for instant support.

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