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Need Panasonic EUR7737z20 remote codes? Here are 6 easy steps to get your remote working

Panasonic EUR7737z20

Panasonic remote controls work with many plasma TVs.

The remote can also work with other devices too.

Many people choose to use remote controls by Panasonic because quite simply it’s a great product.

Finding the correct code makes it much easier to use your devices.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Panasonic EUR7737z20 remote code.

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Panasonic EUR7737z20 remote code – how to set it up

By following the steps below you’ll be able to set up your Panasonic remote control in no time.

  1. Firstly, find the codes for the device you want to program, usually found online, on the device or manual.
  2. Now, make a note of the codes for each device.
  3. Turn off all the devices and make sure there are batteries in the remote control.
  4. Hold down the ‘power’ and ‘action’ buttons together for five seconds.
  5. Select the button on the control that represents the device you want to program and then enter the code.
  6. Finally, press the power button on the remote control and if the device turns on the correct code was entered. If not, repeat steps one to six.

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What to do once your remote code has been set

It’s useful to know that the remote can be operated in a number of different ways.

If there’s only one device that needs to be turned on, first press the button that represents the device and then press the power button.

You may want to turn on all the devices at once, to do this, make sure all the devices are off and press the power button.

Now, all devices will turn on.

To turn the devices off, press the power button and the devices will go to standby.

If the remote needs a replacement, you can purchase another one from Amazon here.

Alternatively, you can find a cheaper replacement remote control on eBay here.

If you’re unable to find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact Digi Helpdesk.


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