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Here’s how to find the correct Goodmans soundbar remote code!

Goodmans soundbar remote

Many of Goodmans’ products are supported by universal remote controls.

The well-known tech company have many audio devices including soundbars that require remote controls.

This is all easy to do, however, there may be a number of codes that need to be tried before connecting to the soundbar.

By following instructions supplied with your remote control, you should be able to connect to your soundbar.

Below you’ll be able to find out how to find the Goodmans soundbar remote code.

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Goodmans Soundbar Remote Code – Where to find them?

There are many websites to be able to find codes for your Goodmans soundbar, for instance, This is a good resource to test a few codes out.

If you’ve lost the original Goodmans remote then don’t fret as any universal remote should work fine.

You can find a universal remote control online here.

If you have lost the code, don’t worry, it can be easily found by looking online or by contacting our support helpdesk.

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Why would you need a Goodmans Soundbar Remote Code?

Without having the correct codes it would not be possible to operate the Soundbar.

In this case, you would need to make sure the code is entered correctly.

By following a few easy steps you will have your soundbar set up in no time.

Steps to take using a universal remote control

Follow the steps below to get your universal remote control up and running.

  1. Firstly, switch on the soundbar.
  2. Now, point the remote control at the soundbar and press and hold the component button until it blinks and then type the code.
  3. Press enter. The light will flash to confirm to let you know the code has been saved.