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What Premier League games will be on Freeview? Channels, dates & more

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Many football fans are wondering what Premier League games will be on Freeview in 2020. Here’s a look at what to expect from the free-to-air TV provider.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected sporting events all over the world in 2020. But, thankfully with the help of television, fans of the game can still follow the Premier League this summer.

Changes are to be felt by both the fans and the players during this football season. The stands may be empty, but it’s safe to say viewers’ living rooms will be atmospheric.

After a three-month break due to COVID-19, the Premier League is back, kicking off with Norwich v Southampton on June 19th. But are all games being aired for free?

Freeview premier league games
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What Premier League games will be on Freeview?

Of the 92 remaining Premier League matches, 33 of those are airing for free. Different TV providers have the rights to different games. Sky made the decision to air its fixtures on Freeview as well as its own network and Now TV. Of Sky’s 64 Premier League games, 25 will be shown for free. The Premier League games resumed in June but will continue into the summer. As outlined on the Freeview website, the Freeview Premier League games are as follows:

  • Monday, July 13: 8 pm – Man United vs Southampton
  • Wednesday, July 15: 6 pm – Burnley vs Wolves (BBC)
  • Wednesday, July 15: 6 pm – Man City vs AFC Bournemouth
  • Thursday, July 16: 6 pm –  Leicester City vs Sheff Utd
  • Saturday, July 18: 5:30 pm – Norwich City vs Burnley
  • Monday, July 20: 6:00 pm – Brighton vs Newcastle United

Freeview lists and updates the fixtures on its site providing the date, time and channel.

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Premier League games on BBC

As well as Sky’s Pick TV channel, Premier League games are also airing for free on BBC.

The Pick TV channel can be accessed via channel number 11 on Freeview and Sky 159.

According to Freeview, “…the BBC will be broadcasting 4 matches, and Amazon Prime will be showing another 4.”

In regard to upcoming matches on the BBC, Wednesday, July 15th will see Burnley play Wolves at 6 pm.

Premier League commentary

Whether watching the Premier League on TV or listening via the radio, it’s almost guaranteed that the atmosphere football provides is infectious. For anyone wishing to listen to commentary on the football, talkSPORT has everything covered.

As reported by talkSPORT on July 13th, the sports radio station and the BBC will provide live commentaries for all the remaining matches.

To see all the games you can listen to visit the talkSPORT website. By the sounds of it, the radio station is ready to supply a listening experience as it writes: “We’ve partnered with EA SPORTS™ FIFA, taking our live commentaries to the next level by bringing the atmosphere to life with bespoke crowd noise from each club’s supporters.”

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