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What is Amazon Crucible? Who are the characters?

Amazon is a huge technology company headquartered in Seattle, USA. Founded in 1994, Amazon has been running for over 25 years.

As if Amazon didn’t do enough by supplying the world with pretty much anything you can think of, they launched their own range of products such as Amazon Fire TV. And now, they’ve even released their own game.

We take a look at what exactly Amazon Crucible is and how we can play the game. As well as answering – Who are the Amazon Crucible characters?
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Amazon Game Studios

While we all recognise Amazon as a reliable place to order items online, that isn’t all the retail giant is limited to.

Amazon Game Studios was established in 2012 and the company has been pushing out games since its emergence.

This division of the online retailer obviously specialises in games. And based on their knowledge of user experience from Amazon’s subsidiary acquired in 2014,  streaming service Twitch, they understand that players want games that are both enjoyable to play and watch.

The BBC outline how Amazon has been involved in the games industry for a long time as it already owns Twitch.

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What is Amazon Crucible?

Crucible is a free-to-play PC game released by Amazon Game Studios on May 20th 2020.

Although not technically the first game to come from Amazon Game Studios, Crucible is the first original game with a large budget that Amazon Game Studios has released, it’s described as a ‘third-person sci-fi shooter’ game.

According to, Crucible can be likened to a combination of Overwatch, League of Legends and Fortnite. One thing that makes Crucible different from these games, though, is that you play as part of a team.

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Who are the main Amazon Crucible characters?

Playing Crucible involves becoming part of a team and playing one of 10 ‘hunters’.

The playable characters in Crucible are as follows:

  • Ajonah
  • Bugg
  • Captain Mendoza
  • Drakahl
  • Earl

  • Rahi and Brother
  • Sazan
  • Shakirri
  • Summer
  • Tosca

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