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Final Fantasy VII remake: Bahamut guide – Defeat the great dragon

Every Final Fantasy game released has come with its fair share of magic and spells, however, the ‘Summon Materia’ has always been a fan favourite.

Summons are entities that can join battles, helping in casting powerful magic to defeat the parties’ enemies.

However, the player first has to either find these magical creatures, or challenge and fight them to gain their allegiance.

Bahamut is one of the strongest Summons in the game and is widely regarded as the greatest Summon of all time.

Bahmamut’s sheer size, power and presence has enemies shaking in their boots as it enters the battle arena.

Named after a mythical sea monster, it is one of the last dragons the player has to fight, and more usual than not, they end up losing.

Its signature attack technique is known as ‘Megaflare’ which can be described as ‘a great breath of energy concentrated into a beam’, zapping the AP of the party, leaving them unarmed, and left to the great dragon’s mercy.

final fantasy vii remake bahamut guide
Final Fantasy VII remake Bahamut guide @fsyfe via Twenty20

History of Bahamut

The supreme deity of righteousness, white metal dragon, gains the name Bahamut from ancient mythology. It’s a mighty water-dwelling creature where the world sleeps.

We first heard the name Bahamut in a manual back in 1977 from Dungeons and Dragons. Making his appearance to the series final fantasy 1 in the dragon’s cave.

For a lot of people, Final fantasy 7 was their first experience of the epic series and if they were anything like us, they were in awe of the great beast when it graced the screen.

The dragon would return in following chapters of the Final Fantasy saga leaving fans crossing their fingers that the tradition would continue with the remake.

RPGs and dragons have always worked hand-in-hand, but there is something about Bahamut that fascinates us, the fact the giant lizard fights with us and stands as a loyal protector of Clouds party, gives a sense of security that whatever enemy comes there way, Bahamut’s mega flare attack is on stand by, to annihilate any foe.

Is Bahamut in FF7 remake?

Bahamut has been appearing in several of the Final Fantasy games. And it was with no surprise and to our delight that it’s to make its appearance in the remake as well.

Similar to its previous versions, the dragon will still be one of the most powerful creatures in the game and will require a lot of pre-preparation if you want to defeat it.

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Hailed as perhaps the greatest video game of all time.

Return of the great Dragon, Bahamut is back!

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Bahamut guide

Even though difficult to fight, defeating a Bahamut will grant you access to its Summon Materia and also let you use the creature for your own good.

You can take it to battles and use its devastating strength and power to defeat your opponents. However, this is only possible if you actually win against the glorious monster.

Given the history of Bahamut, no player can be ‘too prepared’ to fight it.

To start with, you need to be maxed out on weapons and the levels – being on level 50 would be a great start. You would also need a lot of health points to survive against the attacks – preferably 7000 HP at least.

Further, you would require large amounts of levelled up Materia, especially, then use these tips to defeat and claim the summon as an ally.

  • Healing Materia

This is probably the most important Materia you should have. Healing is vital if you want to win against the summon.

  •  Boosting Materia

MP Up, Luck Up, Magic UP, HP Up would certainly come in handy in your quest.

  • Magnify Materia

Having this will allow cure spells for all friendly targets.

  • Equip your strongest  Summon

Lastly, put on the strongest summon to improve your chances of winning.

Unlike Shiva and Ifrit, Bahamut is a very well developed and well-balanced character, with no fundamental weakness, making the fight extremely difficult and strategic. The fight is basically about the amount of damage that you can do.

Aerith will be your magical support so you should provide her with MP, UP, Cure and magnify.

Furthermore, the attacks from the Bahamut should be blocked, instead of dodged. With the exception of the signature megaflare attack, you should be ready to evade everything the dragon throws at you, at all times.

If it decides to use the megaflare, there is no chance that you’d survive. So once the dragon starts counting from five, utilize everything you have to ‘stagger him out of attack’.

Once the staggering is successful, deploy the unparalleled strength with Tifa’s fight moves and keep repeating until you defeat him.

FF7 Remake: How to level up Materia

One of the most important tasks you will face on your FF7 Remake journey is upgrading your Materia. Learning to do so will certainly assist you in beating the metallic Summon Bahamat.

Firstly make sure the Materia that you wish to upgrade is equipped.

This can be done by accessing the Materia and equipment screen and tapping the triangle button. Now, toggle and choose the Materia you wish to select.

Once equipped, AP will be allocated to the Materia selected from the battles you undertake, levelling up becomes a natural process that takes place every time you slay your enemies!

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Is Bahamut Neo in FF7?

FF7 features 3 different Bahamuts, including the famous Neo Bahamut. In the original FF7, Its Materia is located inside Whirlwind maze. And you would only be allowed to visit that area once, giving you only one chance to acquire it.

So far there is no sign of Neo in the remake, however, we have a feeling Neo and Zero Bahamut will be making a return in following chapters of this great game.

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