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Snapchat easter egg hunt 2020: Is it on this year? How to play and what to do if it’s not working

Easter is officially here, and once again, Snapchat brings its users an exciting game that allows its community to get involved and celebrate the occasion.

Snapchat’s Easter egg hunt is back – but not as we’ve known it before! Using the popular app, we all get the chance to hunt for Easter eggs located at different points in the ‘world’.

The game is simple – outscore your friends by collecting more eggs than they do and make sure to look out for special eggs, too. Egg-cellent!

We last enjoyed Snapchat’s Easter game in 2019 and a lot of people are wondering if there’ll be another hunt taking place this year considering the 2020 lockdown. Let’s take a look at the Snapchat Easter egg hunt 2020: How to play and more…
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What is the SC Easter egg hunt?

In true festive spirit, Snapchat usually provides its users with a fun themed game during the Easter break.

The Great Snapchat Egg Hunt makes great use of the SnapMaps feature on the app.

AR (Augmented Reality) enables Snapchat users to hunt for Easter eggs all over the world – all from the comfort of your own home!

Will there be a Snapchat egg hunt in 2020?

Snapchat users would be right to be slightly dubious over whether a 2020 Easter egg hunt would be taking place due to the global lockdown of Spring 2020 due to the Coronavirus.

Although the Snapchat Easter egg hunt isn’t taking place exactly as it has done before, it is still going ahead. This is the third year running of the Easter egg hunt. But in 2020, we’re “Hunting from home” according to the app.

The Great Snapchat Easter egg hunt kicks off from 2 pm on Saturday, April 11th through to midnight on April 12th 2020.

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Is there a prize?

While confectionary giants such as Hershey are providing virtual easter egg hunts which involve players winning real (and extremely tasty) prizes, it looks like players of the Snapchat egg hunt don’t get much at all.

After hunting around for eggs all over the (virtual) globe, players have a score which is displayed in the top-right corner of the SnapMap screen as well as a global ranking.

Regular eggs will get you one point, while rare golden eggs with gain a player five points.

Snapchat Easter egg hunt 2020: How to play

Snapchat’s Easter egg hunt isn’t too dissimilar from other augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go.

After logging into your Snapchat account on the app, you can navigate to the SnapMaps feature – this is where the egg hunt takes place.

Remember: Stay at home. You don’t have to be physically near an egg to collect it in the 2020 hunt.

If you’re unsure of how to get going with the Easter egg hunt, just type in “Easter egg” into the Snapchat search bar and the hunt will appear.

The aim of the game is to search around the world to find eggs – of course, this year it’ll be done from home, using AR.

To play, you’ll need to search and zoom in on the map to find hidden eggs. Tap an egg to add it to your basket. Or if you want to start a mini-game, tap on any basket.

snapchat easter egg hunt 2020 how to play

Snapchat Easter egg hunt: Not working

If you find that the Great Snapchat Easter egg hunt isn’t working, it may be due to the Snapchat app being out of date, so make sure to update it to the latest software before starting the Easter egg hunt.

Ensure that your location is enabled to explore the SnapMap. You can do this through Snapchat, however, you may need to go into your phone settings. To alter your phone’s locations settings, please follow the steps below.

Privacy > Location Services > Scroll down to the Snapchat app > Select “While using the app”.

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snapchat easter egg hunt 2020 how to play Snapchat