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“Snapchat could not refresh” 2020: What is the error? When will it be fixed?

The popular messaging application Snapchat first arrived in July 2011. It’s hard to believe we have been sending snaps to each other for almost a decade now!

Still going strong, the application has come a long way and offers heaps of helpful options from letting us store our favourite photos to the much loved “Stories” and “Discover” features.

Like a lot of apps that we download, from time to time it can experience some downtime. And for some us this is a worrying time, as sending snaps is one of the best ways to stay in contact and communicate with our friends.

So, what is the “Snapchat could not refresh” 2020 message? What is the error? And when will it be fixed?
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Snapchat could not refresh 2020

April 8th 2020 saw tonnes of Snapchat users unable to send or receive snaps.

As users logged into the app, as normal, they were faced with an error message that reads: “Could not refresh. Please try again.”

This error has occurred before and leaves tens of thousands of Snapchatters without access to the app.


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Is Snapchat down in the UK?

Unfortunately, in a time when social media couldn’t be needed more, because of the current Coronavirus lockdown, Snapchat is down in April 2020.

On April 2nd, the social media app took to Twitter to say: “Whether it’s by communicating with loved ones, playing games with friends, or staying informed, we are grateful for the opportunity to help people stay in touch during this time. Stay safe, and thank you for following along.”

However, it looks as though this isn’t possible for the time being as the app is not functioning as of April 8th.

In response to the app being down, Snapchat Support wrote: “We’re aware many Snapchatters are having trouble using the app. Hang tight – we’re looking into it.”


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When will Snapchat be fixed?

As of 8 pm on April 8th 2020, it’s currently not confirmed when Snapchat will be up and running again.

Issues began the morning of April 8th and look to have continued throughout the day.

The Snapchat Support team have publicly mentioned that they are working on the issue, and for now, they have advised Snappers to “hang tight” until it’s fixed.

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