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Samsung TV making beeping noise: Why it happens and what to do next

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A TV is an essential part of the modern home given that we watch almost all of our TV shows and movies on it. Moreover, all the action-packed sports are also most watched on a TV.

Television provides us with the entertainment we need to forget the day’s stresses and lets us relax for a while. Let it be watching some Netflix or playing games on a console. It can be a good stress reliever. However, the TV itself becomes a stress when it starts making unwanted noises such as continuous beeps.

So, if your Samsung TV is making beeping noises that are stressing you out, then keep reading as we guide you on how to fix it.

Samsung TV making beeping noise
Envato Elements Pressmaster – Samsung TV making beeping noise

Why is my Samsung TV making beeping noises?

There are several different reasons why your Samsung TV could be making these beeping noises. One of the most common ones is that your TV has malfunctioning sound feedback. Thus, it keeps making those beeping sounds when it shouldn’t. Sound feedback is supposed to let you know that it has received the signal when you press a button on your TV’s remote.

Another reason for the beeping sounds could be that there is an interference near your Samsung TV. This interference could be caused by any type of electrical equipment such as other TVs, radio signals, and even your mobile phone. In this case, there could also be a problem with your TV.

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How to stop a Samsung TV making beeping noises

If you want to stop the sound feedback of your Samsung TV, due to malfunctioning, follow the following instructions.

Now, the instructions would vary depending on the model of your TV. However, for most of the modern Samsung Smart TVs, the method should be quite similar.

Go to the settings of your Samsung TV, then locate and open the sound settings. Here look for the option labelled as “Expert Settings” and select it. In that menu, you should be able to find the option for “Sound Feedback”, turn it off.

If turning the sound feedback does not fix the beeping, then there must be electromagnetic interference near your TV. Try unplugging all other electrical equipment in the room and put your mobile phone away from the TV. If this fixes the beeping sound, you should call the Samsung helpline. Ask them for a service of your TV as electromagnetic interference in an average house should not cause a problem.

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How to stop Samsung TV making sound at startup and turn off

All Samsung TV’s make a sound when you turn them on and off. If you do not want the TV to do this, then please follow the instructions below.

Press the ‘Menu’ button on the Samsung TV remote, then go to ‘Setup’. Here look for the ‘Melody’ option and turn it ‘Off’.

Now, your Samsung TV won’t make noises at startup or turn off.

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