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How to watch s4c: clic, Freeview and more?

Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C), or also known as Channel four Wales is the only Welsh channel to broadcast over 115 hours of programmes in the Welsh language. It broadcasts all kinds of programmes such as sports, music, drama, news and other factual documentaries over various platforms including live streaming. S4C also offers a complete service for toddlers, children and teenagers in the range of programmes offered. It is available on Virgin channel 166 and Sky channel 134.

S4C came into existence in 1982 with the reputation of being an independent channel of Wales. Since then, the BBC has always maintained a close relationship with S4C, also allowing them certain programmes without any costs. In 2016, BBC Trust took the responsibility of funding S4c till March of 2017.

The success of Y Gwyll/Hinterland, a crime drama, is an example of how the broadcasting companies have worked together in order to provide audiences with greater benefits. The drama was first aired on S4C which was later broadcasted ON BBC four and BBC One Welsh. Following that success, S4C also asked the BBC to include their content on the iPlayer. This decision was whole-heartedly accepted and both the BCC and SC4 realized the potential benefits of boosting the Welsh language and its consumption online. This lead to the success of S4C Clic which provides complete online streaming experience to individuals within Wales and outside as well.

One of the remarkable achievements of S4C included securing secondary rights to broadcast the 2015 Rugby games in England.

S4C Clic

In 2015, S4C began to encourage their viewers to watch their programmes online through an on-demand service. The streaming service finally had a name in 2018 and it came to be known as S4C Clic. In the past year, S4C Clic has experienced an enormous amount of individuals opting for the service, with the number crossing 100,000 in the past six months. It offers an attractive package for viewers by allowing them to create family profiles, customize lists of programmes and receive e-mail updates on the content that is being developed. The existing s4c viewers have also readily subscribed for the new service.

The service has recently experienced greater stability and increased functionality, which is why a considerable amount of individuals is preferring it. Viewers are also able to get regular updates on content through e-mails which have developed a channel of communication. S4C has managed to embrace the digital journey by understanding the need to develop digital channels in the contemporary era of fast-paced technology and innovations.

After the successful provision of online services, S4C also managed to make the Clic service available on mobile phone devices. Currently, the service is only available to the iPhone, and the app provides three major functions. It acts as an additional outlet for on-demand Clic content, provides live streaming to and supplies bilingual programme listings to iOS users.

S4C Clic’s potential was recognized when Sianel Pump and Hansh, its Youtube channels, received over a million views in just a couple of months. This paved way for a digital service that was required to support various platforms.

S4C on Freeview

Freeview is the largest terrestrial digital television service of the United Kingdom with 70 SD and 15 HD channels. It is free to use, and all you need is an aerial and a TV to watch it on. If you connect to the internet, you can also access on-demand content from services such as ITV Hub, UKTV play, My5 and BBC iPlayer.

More people are nowadays inclined towards cheaper subscriptions or Freeview, despite the recent emergence of video streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix. Freeview is 100% free! Moreover, you may also take a look at the top 5 TV’s with built-in Freeview and Freesat.

With Freesat, you can watch S4C on channel 120. You can also learn how to update humax freesat channels if you’re having trouble with it. If you have an old dish, you can get an extra Sky receiver where you can watch S4C without any subscriptions.

In Wales, S4C freeview is available on Freeview 4. It also provides English commentary for Welsh programmes. If you wish to watch S4C on Freeview with English commentary, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Change your TV’s mode to S4C
  2. Tap the subtitles button shown on the handset
  3. You will see that the subtitles will appear automatically after this. In case you want to turn the subtitles off, just press the button again.

Recently, S4C took up a great initiative during the lockdown by turning back the clocks and showing various glorious moments from Welsh sporting teams.

s4c Live

S4c’s online stream can be accessed through or any other digital video platforms such as YouView, or BBC iPlayer. The S4C is also available to be viewed on Android or iOS mobile devices.

Certain S4C clic shows can be saved up to 35 days for you to watch later. The S4C clip application also gives you live TV with ads in between.


S4C has a long history and can also be termed as the first that channel was demanded by the audiences. Before any media house took up the issue, campaigners in Wales decided to raise their voice for a service that only targetted the Welsh audience. It can be said that S4C does not match the contemporary experience of broadcasting, but it has certainly come a long way after its inhibition.  The integration of S4C clic is definitely a great way to move forward in the digital world of today.


How can I watch S4C?

S4C is available in Wales on Sky 104, Freeview 4, Freesat 104 and Virgin TV 166. You can also watch S4c live at,, YouView, and various other digital platforms available throughout the United Kingdom. Moreover, you may download the mobile application on your android or iOS device.

Does BBC own S4C?

No, BBC does not own S4C. S4C is an independent channel which has an agreement with BBC that allows them to feature their content on BBC channels. S4C receives independent funding from the United Kingdom government and generates revenue itself.

Does s4c require a TV licence?

You do not require a TV licence to watch S4C tv. If you want to record any TV programmes or shows, you will require a TV license. This applies for both TV and live TV channels.

Can I watch S4C in England using Freeview?

In England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, S4C is only available on Freesat 120, Virgin TV 166 and Sky 134. You can watch S4C on Freeview in Wales only. You may also use your iOS or android mobile devices to watch S4C on the S4C app.