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Samsung VL550 wireless smart speaker review: Is it worth the price? Specs explored

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The Samsung VL550 wireless smart speaker is a hit with consumers and looks to rave reviews coming from all sources. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? We take a closer listen!

A bit of a different looking speaker from Samsung is offered here with VL550 looking a little like an old school radio but packing a ton of features. We look into the specs and decide what’s great and what’s not so good about this new Samsung speaker – can it liven up your party or not?

For all the love this speaker has been getting on many reviews from a whole host of sources, we managed to find some drawbacks.

Our in-depth review is below as well as the final verdict on whether we think it’s worth your money.

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Thor Deichmann/Pixabay

Samsung VL550 wireless smart speaker: Pros

In our opinion, the sound quality of the VL550 is unbeatable, you get a good amount of bass and it vibrates well in a decent-sized room.

The speaker produces meaty sounds that remain clear and clean throughout any audio you play.

We also like the design of this speaker, there’s no LED screen, just a few buttons around the edge of the device.

Both elegant and practical, it comes with a wireless remote that gives you complete control.

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What do we think could be improved with this speaker?

First off, the price is very high – £599. Smart speakers have been coming down in price in recent years and quality is often maintained even in the cheaper models.

Being a smart speaker without a voice assistant seems slightly lacking because it’s often the main selling point for smart speakers that you have the convenience of a voice assistant.

It also has limited music services with Deezer and TuneIn radio being the two major ones you can use.

Think of this speaker as the middle man, you can use smart services via Google assistant or similar.

Our final verdict on Samsung’s latest offering

If you’re a big fan of Samsung and want to stay loyal to your brand then this speaker certainly does the job.

The Samsung VL550 wireless smart speaker is a nice looking speaker and if you’re happy to supply the smart features yourself, then we say go for it.

However, if you’re looking to spend a little less money, maybe take a look at the Naim Audio Mu-So Q. Its priced at £495 in December 2019 and comes with Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect and TIDAL Compatibility.