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Review of the Techwood 55AO8UHD TV: Amazing value for money

Here’s a review of the Techwood 55AO8UHD TV. We reckon it offers the best value for money on the market right now.

If you’re looking for a budget TV and you don’t want to spend too much, then you don’t need to look any further.

This 55-inch TV from Techwood has everything you could want for just £349 – a fantastic price in our eyes.

We’ll walk you through the bells and whistles and explain why it’s unlikely there are many deals much better.

Read to find out if this offer is too good to be true or whether you should jump on this deal!

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What do our experts say about the Techwood 55AO8UHD?

This 55-inch TV comes in with a lot of great reviews claiming it’s a great buy for many reasons.

We asked our experts, here at Digi HelpDesk, to give us a few reasons why this TV is so great.

For the price, you’re getting a very high-quality picture with the some of the most advanced HD and 4K quality.

The vibrant HDR technology allows you to see colours brighter and sharper than ever before.

It’s not often you get a budget smart TV that is actually easy to use, but this model scores top points.

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Are there any issues with this amazing offer?

Although it has some great options to offer you a fantastic picture, it does not incorporate OLED technology.

Not that it’s often expected in a budget TV, but there are no 3D capabilities either, which is something increasingly on consumers wishlists.

The energy efficiency of this model isn’t great – but in all fairness, it’s far from the bottom of the rankings.

The drawbacks of this TV are overridden by the cheap price and we think overall, it’s an excellent TV.

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Is Techwood the go-to brand for cheap but great TVs?

Techwood is coming out with some great budget options in 2019 and seem to be making a real name for themselves.

Check out the Techwood catalogue as they also offer a more expensive range of screens.

It may be a struggle to find a TV better than this one for a cheaper price – or even the equivalent –  of this one.