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Patreon won’t connect to Discord – “something went wrong” error fix!

Patreon connect to Discord something went wrong

Patreon is a service that content creators, such as YouTubers, use to offer exclusive content and rewards for a monthly subscription. The “patrons” will pay the creators some amount of money to support them and to get their hands on the creator’s exclusive material.

Patreon is a fantastic way for creators to generate a stable monthly income, considering that YouTube payouts are always changing. The creators can choose to connect a Discord server to their Patreon. This gives the patrons exclusive access to communicate with other patrons and the creator themselves.

However, sometimes you can be faced with an error while trying to connect Patreon to Discord. This can happen to both content creators and patrons. In this guide, we will show you how to bypass this error.
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How to connect Patreon to Discord

Before we talk about the error, let’s talk about how to connect your Patreon to Discord.

If you are a patron with a tier that offers a Discord role, then head over to the creators Patreon page. On the right side of the page, there should be an option to claim your Discord rewards. Underneath this, there should be the option to “Connect to Discord”, click on it.

It would then take you to Discord and prompt you to login with your credentials. If you do not have a Discord account, choose the option to register a new account.

After this step, your Patreon and Discord would be connected.

Now, head over to the creator’s page again, the “Connect to Discord” option should be changed to “View on Discord”. You can click on this to open the creator’s Discord server.

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“Something went wrong” while connecting Patreon to Discord

Many people have been reporting an error while connecting their Patreon with Discord. The error pops out after you log in to Discord and says, “Something went wrong”.

Although the developers have been trying to patch this error, if you are still facing it then follow these instructions.

There has been no official fix for this problem, but the following steps have worked for other people.

Log out from your Discord from all your devices, including your laptop and smartphone.

Next, try to connect your Patreon with your Discord. It would then prompt you to log in to your Discord. If the error is fixed, you should be redirected to Patreon. However, if the error pops out again, leave it for 20 minutes before clicking on “Try again”.

This will fix your problem, and your Patreon and Discord accounts would be connected.

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Why is the content creator not visible on Discord?

Sometimes, you are a patron of a creator that offers Discord rewards; however, you do not see their Discord server.

This is because Discord roles are not assigned for patrons with custom pledges, no matter what amount they are paying.

To get access to the creator’s Discord server, select one of the tiers that are offered by the content creator.

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