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Netflix not loading on TiVo box V312? Get the app running on Virgin TV

TiVo boxes have been around for over two centuries now, while the Netflix app was also founded around the same time in 1997.

Netflix, however, didn’t shoot to success until 2007. Now, the streaming service is a part of almost every TV-lover’s life.

With TV at your fingertips as well as hugely popular apps such as Netflix, there shouldn’t be much more that Virgin Media customers would want for.

However, even the best of today’s technology can have the odd hiccup. According to Virgin Media, “If you love TV, you’ll really love TiVo.” But in the instance that Netflix isn’t loading on your TiVo box, there probably isn’t a lot of love flying around the living room. So, let’s take a look at what you can do if Netflix is not loading on TiVo box v312.

Netflix not loading on tivo box v312
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Netflix not loading on TiVo box v312

If Netflix isn’t loading on your TiVo box, firstly, run through the usual steps of turning the whole home entertainment system off. Wait around five minutes, then turn everything back on and wait for the TiVo box to reboot.

If this doesn’t get Netflix working on your TiVo box, please complete the steps below.

  • Head to your Virgin Media account online > My Apps > Web Safe > virus and child-safe options ‘ON’.
    Now, restart the TiVo box > open Netflix. Once back on the Netflix app, you can turn the child-safe option ‘OFF’.
  • Try checking whether other apps like YouTube load. Can you watch catch-up shows? This will determine if there is an error with Netflix or your internet connection.
  • If other apps aren’t loading either, try shutting off the Virgin internet hub at the mains. Wait for around five minutes. Then turn the hub back on and wait for it to reboot. Try loading Netflix again.

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Netflix and Prime not working on Virgin

As well as experiencing errors while using Netflix on a Virgin box, some customers are also having problems with Prime Video.

  • If this is the case for you, launch these apps with modem mode disabled. To see how to put your Hub into modem mode, please click here.
  • After disabling modem mode, restart the hub and the TiVo box.
  • Once you’ve gained access to the apps required, you can go back to using modem mode following the steps from Virgin.

If the error still persists, please complete the Web Safe steps outlined above with modem mode disabled.



Virgin V6 Netflix problems: IP address

If you’re still having issues watching Netflix on the Virgin box, it may be related to the IP address.

  • To find the IP of your TiVo box, go to Help & Settings > Home screen > Network.
  • Now, on the right-hand side of your screen you should see “IPaddr.:” followed by numbers, take a note of it as this is your IP address.
  • Next,  log in to your home broadband hub. Locate and select the “WAN” tab >  “DMZ” > Enable DMZ > enter IP address from earlier > Apply.
  • Now, you can attempt to open the Netflix app.
  • Finally, you’ll need to disable the DMZ – if left open, a weakness can be created in the network. To do this, click disable DMZ > save.

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