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Netflix error code tvq-st-144: What it means and how to solve it!

Everyone’s favourite streaming service Netflix released a list of 21 original films they are bringing out for 2020 and it looks like it’s going to be a year for rave reviews.

Whether bingeing alone or chilling with friends, the American based content giant stands alone at the top of the market for great shows and movies to watch. We don’t know what we did without it!

Although Netflix is fantastic, like all techy things, customers have experienced Netflix error code tvq-st-144 popping up without warning or explanation.

Error codes can derail what you thought was going to be a relaxing day on the sofa watching Black Mirror or Queer Eye. We’ve helped you get your Netflix binge sessions back on track with this handy guide to fix the error.

Netflix error code tvq-st-144
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What has caused Netflix error code tvq-st-144?

This error may come along with a message saying  “Unable to connect to Netflix. Please try again or visit:”

This means that it’s likely you’re going to have to refresh your Netflix data in order to access the content you want to watch.

Follow the steps below where we walk you through it in our five-step guide.

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The best way to solve this error in five easy steps

Resetting your data will delete any downloaded files from your device but it should get it working again.

  1. From the Home screen on your device, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select “General,” “Select Apps or Applications,” “Manage Applications” or “Application Manager.”
  3. Scroll down and select Netflix. If Netflix isn’t there then you should check the “Downloaded” tab
  4. Select “Storage.” Then select “Clear Data” or “Clear Storage,” then OK.
  5. Try booting Netflix again.

What to do if that hasn’t worked

The next thing to try if our guide hasn’t worked is simply restarting your device as this allows the data glitch to sort itself out and reset the app.

If that doesn’t work you might want to check that you have a strong, uninterrupted WiFi connection as a poor network signal could be at fault here.

Maybe go as far as restarting your WiFi router in order to check that the network connection isn’t faulty.

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