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Love is Blind: What is Giannina’s job? Career to Instagram fame

Netflix has brought out a variety of hit series in 2020 so far. And Love is Blind is certainly one of them. The dating series launched on February 13th and looked to bring a new way of finding love to the table.

As with any relationship, you have to go through different stages of getting to know one another, but it just so happened that the Love is Blind experience fast-tracked six couples right to their wedding day in a matter of weeks.

Probably most recognised as the couple that had some of the most explosive arguments of the series, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers weren’t afraid to express themselves on the social experiment.

So, what is Giannina from Love is Blind’s job? She never really went into much detail on the show.

Giannina Love is Blind job
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Giannina Love is Blind: Job

Giannina, 25 during the show, was a ‘business owner’ according to Love is Blind.

However, while partaking in the social experiment, Gia didn’t expand much on her company.

And from the looks of her current Instagram bio, she’s now a “soulpreneur “.

While we’re all for her living out her soul’s purpose, it doesn’t really clear up exactly what Giannina does day-to-day.

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Giannina Gibelli: Career

Giannina is more than just a pretty face donning a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Central Florida.

She graduated in 2015 according to her Linkedin profile and since then, Giannina has had a variety of jobs specialising in social media. More recently, she worked as a freelance social media specialist in the year prior to appearing on Netflix’s Love is Blind.

Today, she’s obviously a reality TV star who boasts an impressive following of 1.4m on Instagram (@gianninagibelli). Giannina, 26, also has her own podcast, Love in Sight, which can be found on Spotify.

What is Giannina Gibelli’s nationality?

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, stunning social media pro Giannina originally hails from Venezuela.

Giannina is Venezuelan-American. Both of her parents, Milady and Giovanni, as well as Giannina’s step-father, Oscar, appeared on Love is Blind during episode 7 “Meet the Parents”.

In a heart-to-heart with her partner, Damian, Giannina opened up about her family, stating that she often sends care packages to her relatives in Venezuela.

 Giannina Love is Blind job
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Are Giannina and Damian still together?

Although Damian and Giannina didn’t quite become Mr and Mrs Powers during the Love is Blind experiment, they are still a couple today.

As seen on the Love is Blind reunion, following their explosive wedding day, Damian and G patched things up and started over as boyfriend and girlfriend.

From a quick scan of both of their Instagram accounts, they’re both still very much in love. Find Damien on Insta @damian__powers.

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