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Is your Sky Q picture juddering? Possible diagnosis and what to do next!

Sky TV has been around for around 25 years and every new system they release blows the older models out of the water. The latest offering from Sky – Sky Q – gives TV viewers the ultimate freedom to watch, record, rewind and fast forward their favourite shows. But when the latest technology sometimes doesn’t work, it can be really irritating.

There is nothing more annoying than something also being near perfect. Especially when you’re trying to watch your favourite programmes and the picture quality is low.

For some, the picture sometimes isn’t even visible and for others, the picture can sometimes judder.

Here is what to do if your Sky Q picture is juddering.
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Why is my Sky Q picture juddering?

When the picture is juddering it usually looks like a judder or stutter as if the picture is trying to catch up with the action. This normally occurs in between switching camera angles or when a certain scene has changed from live to a replay. The image can slightly blur itself and not look as clear as before.

Sometimes this issue can simply occur because of a cable issue, where something is unconnected or loose. Double-check that your cables are all connected securely.

Another thing you can try is rebooting your Sky Q box. Switch off the box at the mains completely and wait around 30-45 seconds. After that, turn the switches back on and leaving your box to reboot itself. Once fully rebooted, double-check to see if the issue is still there.

Need a boost!

You may also find when connecting to Sky GO via Wi-Fi that you have a weak connection, this can also affect performance.

A Wi-Fi booster is great for improving your connection.

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Picture still juddering?

If your TV picture is still juddering, then there could be an issue with your HDMI cable. It may not be connected to the TV and the box properly or maybe it simply doesn’t work anymore.

Your HDMI cable is what transmits the digital video and digital audio signals between your TV and your Sky Q box. HDMI cables are used especially for high-quality visuals if your cable isn’t connected properly into both your devices it can make the picture judder.

You can most likely get a new HDMI cable in your nearest electronic store or online starting around £5.

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Still not working?

If you’re still experiencing issues with your TV and the Sky Q picture is juddering, then you can always give our team a free call on 0800 433 7963¬†today.

It may be an issue that needs to be looked at in person and if so, we can arrange for an engineer to attend and diagnose the problem.



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