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Is Sonos unable to connect to Spotify? Get your music playing again

Giving us access to millions of songs at the click of a button, Spotify is a music service which was revealed to the world in 2006. Similarly, Sonos speakers are some of the best in the business and they are very popular around the world.

In our eyes, there’s no better combination of creations than a Sonos speaker system and the almost limitless music streaming service, Spotify.

However, as with most techy things, Spotify and Sonos can come with the odd glitch. Now and again customers may experience issues such as Sonos being unable to connect to Spotify.

We take a look at what could be causing the issue as well as what to do to get your favourite tunes playing again.

sonos unable to connect to spotify
Envato Elements: Sonos unable to connect to Spotify

Try this: Simply remove Spotify as a service

We’d firstly suggest simply removing Spotify as a service. You can remove Spotify as service from the Sonos app, go into the app and navigate to services.

Once there, find Spotify, hold down and remove the app, once uninstalled, wait around 10 minutes.

Go back into services and add Spotify again to the list of approved services in the Sonos app.

Try connecting once again and it should be able to bypass the glitch causing the problem before.

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Sonos unable to connect to Spotify? Update your DNS server

The Sonos, Spotify issue may the result of an error with the DNS server but, thankfully, you can update it quite easily.

You might be asking what a DNS server is, it’s essentially a filing system for the internet and it helps devices to connect and work.

Using your phone you can go to Wifi and Settings, hold down on your network and press modify network.

Press IP settings and change the DNS server to a public DNS, such as Google DNS (,, or OpenDNS (,

This should allow it to connect easily as the previous server may have been blocking it. However, if you’re still experiencing connectivity issues with Spotify and Sonos then please don’t hesitate to contact us using our support service here.

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 Thee are tons of ways to listen to your favourite tunes! Sure using your Bluetooth speaker is an awesome way of blasting out some of your favourite tracks but using wireless earphones to immerse yourself in powerful sound has got to add to the entire experience.

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Sonos speakers: A brief review

Sonos was founded in 2002 and the company managed to revolutionise the home sound system, ushering in these wirelessly-connectable home speakers that give an amazing atmosphere.

They are sensibly priced, easy to use for beginners and look nice with just about all decor because there are a large number of models to choose from.

You can be prepared for ‘above-average’ audio with most Sonos speakers. If you need something for a party or a film showing at your house, then we would highly recommend them.

Our favourite model is the second generation Sonos One, with its compact design, built-in Alexa and great audio quality. You can pick one up online here!