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Is 5Select Channel on Freeview?

In the light of the recent coronavirus crisis, people are stuck at home. This has led to a monotonous lifestyle. However, 5Select Channel on Freeview provides you with a perfect outlet to pass your time, without getting bored.

Gone are the days of having to subscribe to a paid monthly service, Freeview provides you with an endless amount of entertainment across all of your favorite genres.

What is Freeview?

Freeview is a UK based terrestrial television service. It aims to provide its customers with a range of channels, covering different niches, that can help them stay in touch with the world. Featuring over 100, high quality channels, Freeview gives you access to everything you might want to watch. The service is also free of cost.

What is 5Select?

Like Freeview, 5Select is also a UK based “free-to-air” channel that airs original Channel 5 content, including dramas and documentaries. 5Select’s parent company, Channel 5, was set to launch a channel known as 5Prime. However, it was rebranded to 5Select, and launched in February 2018.

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What Channel is 5Select on Freeview?

5Select is available on Channel 54 on Freeview. It features some of the best, highest rated content from the Channel 5 database. From engaging dramas to heart-touching documentaries, it has got it all.


5Select channel on Freeview comes with Alaska: A year in the Wild, GPS: Behind Closed Doors and Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild, along with many other options. With the best offerings from Channel 5, 5Select gives you everything for free. You do not even have to pay a single penny.

5Select channel on Freeview also has some of its sister channels on the service. These include 5STAR, 5USA and Channel 5.

You can also access 5Select from 5 Channel’s website. It provides a range of content, that has been divided into categories. This makes the navigation simple and effortless, allowing you to easily sift through the available options. Some of the major categories include documentaries, films, entertainment and drama.

Can you Watch 5Select Channel on Freeview Online?

Freeview provides you access to around 95% of the UK’s TV – without any cost. You can watch old shows or live stream the channels online as well. The Freeview application can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to stream anything from anywhere! Further, the application is compatible with Android and iOS devices, which makes it accessible by a larger population.

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How can you get Freeview Play?

Freeview play takes your linear TV a step further, by providing you access to top-rated shows, live and on demand. Through Freeview Play, you do not need to worry about anything. Instead, you get everything right in your hands!

You can easily set up Freeview Play, free of cost, by the following steps:

  • Freeview Play comes built in with most TVs. Simple chose the product you like
  • Connect with the set-top box and broadband.
  • Tune to get your Freeview channels
  • Enjoy the programs!