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How Can You View Sky Pick Channel on Freeview?

Sky Pick channel on Freeview is a perfect way for you to pass your time. You can watch the Premium League 2020 or other Sky programs on Freeview for free.

Sky Limited is a UK based broadcasting and telecommunications company. It provides broadband and television internet facilities, along with fixed line and mobile services to people across the country. With over 12.5 million customers, Sky UK is the largest broadcaster in the United Kingdom.

What is Freeview?

Freeview is one of the largest “digital terrestrial television” service in the UK. With over 60 channels, the service offers 10 HD channels, 26 radio channels, 11 streamed channels and 1 interactive channel. With a range of options, covering different categories, it has everything you might want to watch even 5select.

Did you know you can watch the amazing 5select on Freeview!

What is Sky Pick?

Pick – also known as Sky Pick, is a “free to air” channel offered by Sky UK Limited. Initially launched as Sky Three in 2005, it features several popular serials and programs from Sky, that can be enjoyed by the users without paying for the whole service.

Following its release, Sky Pick replaced the Sky Travel EPG channel on Freeview. The step was taken to attract more user traffic and make the channel more accessible by the public. With an appealing variety of entertainment content, from drama to crime shows, Pick has been becoming increasingly popular amongst the public.

It presents some of the premium content from Sky entertainment. However, you don’t have to pay extra for enjoying them if you are using Freeview.

How can you access Sky Pick Channel on Freeview?

Sky Pick channel is available on Freeview for you to watch free, high quality Sky content. It is available on Freeview channel 11. You do not need any extra subscription to access the channel’s content.

Sky Pick also shows football on Sky Sports. The Premium League 2020 was postponed for three months due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. However, it has recently returned and can now be viewed on the Sky Pick Channel on Freeview.

A schedule of the upcoming matches is given below:

    • Southampton vs Watford – 28th June
    • Manchester United vs Brighton – 30th June
    • Newcastle vs Bournemouth – 1st July
    • Crystal Palace vs Leicester – 4th July
    • Sheffield United vs Burnley – 5th July
    • Norwich vs Watford – 7th July
    • Tottenham vs Bournemouth – 9th July
    • Everton vs Wolves – 12th July
    • Bournemouth vs Leicester – 12th July
    • Southampton vs Manchester United – 13th July

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Watch online

Can Sky Pick be viewed Online?

You can easily stream Sky Pick channel online if you are a Sky customer. Download the Sky Go application from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and watch the channel on your laptop or tablet.

You can also view Sky Pick Channel on Freeview, on your phone or tablet. Just download the Freeview application and you are good to go. However, it is to note that you cannot stream Freeview online on a computer or laptop.

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