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Find Out How To Get Disney Plus On An Older Panasonic Smart TV: Guide

how to get Disney Plus on an older sony Smart TV

Although you can now watch Disney Plus in the UK, not all TV’s have an app that is compatible with this service as of yet, unfortunately, this does include Panasonic TVs of all ages.

But not to worry, although there isn’t an app to download for Panasonic TV’s yet, there are some great ways around this. So you can still enjoy Disney Plus on your TV without having to upgrade the whole set. Whether you’ve got a new Panasonic tv or an old one, watching Disney+ via the requires the same steps.

How to get Disney Plus on older Panasonic

To watch Disney Plus on your Panasonic TV, you need to do the following:

  • Install the Disney Plus app from the Play Store on your android smartphone or tablet.
  • Connect your android device and Panasonic TV to the same wifi connection.
  • Open the Disney+ app on your phone/tablet and sign in
  • Tap the cast icon in the corner of your phone screen
  • Next, you should see a list of devices, then choose your Panasonic Smart TV.
  • Then you should have access to the library and be able to watch it from your TV.
  • If you want to stop casting, close the Disney+ app on your smartphone or click the icon again and click stop casting.

Another method to watch Disney + on your Panasonic TV is by a browser- download a web browser/use the already installed one on your computer and search for Disney+ within the web browser search. Although it may not work as fast as the other method, it is another way to access it.

Is my Panasonic TV too old for Disney Plus?

Due to Panasonic not having an official app, this means the age your TV doesn’t come into play. As long as it has an HDMI port or some way to connect a 3rd party device, you should be able to watch Disney Plus.

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What apps can I get on a Panasonic smart TV?

Not to worry, although you cannot get a Disney + app on your Panasonic Smart TV. You can still get Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and more.

How do I get Disney Plus on my older Panasonic Smart TV?

If you’re curious about getting Disney Plus on an older Panasonic Smart TV, you will require a 3rd party device. The reason for this isn’t to do with the age of your Panasonic TV. However, the list of devices/ways to could be shorter given the age of the device. However, as long as your TV has a USB or HDMI port, you’ll be able to access Disney+.

These devices include:

  • HDMI cable linked to a laptop or phone
  • A games console – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are all compatible.
  • Firestick
  • Roku box

All of these devices can provide the ability for you to watch Disney +.

Another way around it is by accessing an internet browser within the TV, then searching as normal via a built-in internet app. As long as your TV is newer than 2012, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Please be aware that older TV’s may not be able to play via a Chromecast or an internet browser.

Disney plus
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Will there ever be a Disney + app on Panasonic TVs?

There doesn’t appear to be any indication that Disney will be releasing an app for Panasonic TV. With Disney + being launched in the UK in 2019 and not made to be used on older operating systems. There doesn’t appear to be any plans to create an app for tvs such as Panasonic or Sony. But if you’re interested in the latest updates, check out the Disney + support pages here.

Which TV’s allow me to watch Disney + via an app?

If you’re looking at buying a new TV and you’re unsure which brands you can get it on, here is a list of TV brands you can currently get the Disney + app on.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Andriod TV devices
  • AppleTV
  • LG TV
  • Roku
  • Samsung
  • Sky Q


We hope this post has provided all of the answers you need, so you can watch Disney + with ease in your home.