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How to connect a Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster & improve home broadband

how to connect virgin media wifi booster

Let’s take a look at how to connect to a Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster and get internet flowing throughout the home.

Founded in 2006, Virgin Media is a globally recognized telecoms company with its headquarters in the UK.

Across the nation, millions subscribe to Virgin for Wi-Fi, telephone or TV connections. Virgin TV launched in 2007. Just like BT or Sky TV, the Virgin TV subscription service provides customers with a huge variety of channels.

There’s no denying that Virgin Media has its perks but, as with many providers, from time to time, customers can experience dips in their home Wi-Fi.

Whether there are specific black spots around the home, or the overall signal simply needs a boost, here’s how to connect a Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster.

how to connect virgin media wifi booster
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How to connect a Virgin Media WiFi booster

Setting up a Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster should be a speedy and fuss-free process.

According to Virgin, the set-up should only take around 20 minutes. The boosters or powerline adaptors are sent from Virgin Media to customers who experience issues with their home Wi-Fi signal strength. To find out whether you’re eligible for a booster, download the Virgin Media app. Link the app to your Hub 3 and complete a scan of your house. If black spots are found, you’ll be eligible for a booster.

Virgin supplies both Wired and Wi-Fi Boosters. The Wired Booster is plugged into the hub directly, while the Wi-Fi Boosters are used in a separate room.

After plugging the Wired Booster into the back of the hub via ethernet cable, you’ll then need to plug the Wi-Fi Booster into a plug socket. The Wi-Fi Booster would be best plugged into a socket on an internal wall rather than an external wall.

How do I know if the Virgin Wi-Fi booster is working?

When the Virgin Wi-Fi Booster is working correctly it will show a power light only.

As outlined by Virgin Media, “If the connection light is flashing red and the power light is solid white your units have failed to pair.

If you wish to manually pair the Wi-Fi Boosters, please follow the steps below.

Press ‘Sync’ button on side of the booster for three seconds > Press ‘Sync’ button on the second booster > The connection lights should be flashing > Once they stop flashing, the boosters should be paired.

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My Virgin Wi-Fi booster is showing green arrows

If the Virgin Wi-Fi booster or hub is showing green arrows, this may mean that it is completing a software update.

If the internet connection seems to be affected, try rebooting the hub. You can also visit the status checker for your area online.

Alternatively, it is always worth calling Virgin Customer Services to ensure that there isn’t a fault on the line.

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