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Houseparty In the House lineup today: Who’s playing at the online festival?

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has meant that isolation and social distancing measures are the ‘new normal’. The ability to see our loved ones, unless you’re lucky enough to live with them, is no longer possible. But thankfully, living in a technological age is helping – we can use a variety of video-calling apps to stay in touch.

Houseparty is a free video calling app which can be used on iOS, Android, Chrome and macOS. Dubbed the ‘face to face social network’, Houseparty enables up to eight people to enjoy a virtual house party with interactive games.

The app, which was developed by the same folks who created Fortnite, has taken things up a level in May 2020. Houseparty has answered any festival-goers prayers by providing us with a virtual alternative.

The House party In the House lineup today not only includes mega-famous music artists but also many much-loved masters of cooking, sport and dance.
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When is the Houseparty In the House festival on?

From Friday, May 15th to Sunday, May 17th 2020 the Houseparty In the House is being held.

Over three days, more than 40 of our favourite famous faces will be taking to the (virtual) stage and bringing some entertainment o our homes.

In this time, more than ever, it’s so important to stay connected and that’s exactly what the Houseparty In the House festival aims to do. Enjoy seeing your favourite artists along with your friends using the Houseparty app.

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House party In the House: Lineup

The Houseparty In the House lineup for today (Sunday, May 17th) includes the following artists:

  • 8 am EDT – Gabi Butler
  • 8:30 am EDT – Conrad Rocha
  • 9 am EDT – Kerri Verna
  • 9:30 am EDT – Jeremy Fall
  • 10 am EDT – Cam Newton
  • 10:30 am EDT – Snoop Dogg
  • 11 am EDT – Lindsey Harrod
  • 11:30 am EDT – Derek Hough
  • 12 pm EDT – Roy Choi
  • 12:30 pm EDT – Miguel

  • 1 pm EDT – Chef Mike
  • 1:30 pm EDT – Idina Menzel
  • 2 pm EDT – Marissa Mullen
  • 2:30 pm EDT – Dr. Woo
  • 3 pm EDT – Westside Gun
  • 3:30 pm EDT – JB Smoove
  • 4 pm EDT – 2 Chainz
  • 5 pm EDT – Neil Patrick Harris
  • 5:30 pm EDT – Jose Andres
  • 6 pm EDT – Christina Tosi
  • 6:30 pm EDT – Keegan-Michael Key
  • 7 pm EDT – John Legend

Don’t let poor video quality ruin the Houseparty experience!

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How to watch In the House on House party

If you can’t wait to get logged in and see the huge range of artists take over on May 17th, then you’ll surely be wondering how exactly you tune into In the House on Houseparty.

Follow the steps below to get going with In the House.

Open Houseparty app > Invite your friends to join (eight max) > Tap the live TV icon > Click ‘watch’ > You’re in – it’s time to party!

Open Houseparty at any time over 15th-17th May and tune into the performing artists with your friends!

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