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Freeview retune dates in Sandy Heath: Channel updates in 2020

Around two-thirds of UK residents who own a TV watch their favourite shows with Freeview.

The digital TV viewing service is often pre-installed with many television sets. However, Freeview boxes are also available to purchase should you have a TV without Freeview capability.

Whether you tune in on the regular to watch Dancing on Ice, Eastenders or The Chase, over 18 million homes across the UK use Freeview. Anyone who watches telly via Freeview will know that now and again, there are some frequency changes in certain areas.

Let’s take a look at the Freeview retune dates for the Sandy Heath transmitter.

Freeview retune Sandy Heath
Envato Elements – Freeview retune Sandy Heath

When are the Sandy Heath Freeview retune dates?

Sandy Heath is a transmitter which serves the areas of Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

Freeview advises that viewers retune their TVs on February 12th 2020. However, your TV may automatically update.

If you find that channels are missing, then carry out a retune by following the steps outlined here.

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Will any channels change in Cambridgeshire?

According to the Freeview website, there aren’t any channel changes coming to the Sandy Heath transmitter area.

Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire are all affected by this transmitter. Although February 2020 saw some changes to the transmitter frequency, there’s been no announcement on specific channels moving or disappearing.

Sheffield, however, has encountered some channel changes in 2020. If the area surrounding Sandy Heath does experience any channel changes, we’ll be sure to keep this information updated here.

Rest of the UK: Freeview retune dates 2020

Of course, it’s not just the Sandy Heath transmitter which is affected, channel frequencies are changing all over the UK.

A full list of the 2020 channel frequency changes is available to see here.

Freeview suggests that Yorkshire residents will be some of the first which will need to retune on February 5th 2020. Retune dates continue until April 29th 2020 in Kendal and parts of the Lake District.

See how to retune your television step-by-step here.

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Freeview channel frequencies 2020: Retune dates across the UK – Sandy Heath to Kendal