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Is Sheffield Freeview down? What’s happened to the channels in 2020?

Freeview is a digital TV platform. A free alternative to subscription packages such as Sky and Virgin TV, Freeview is, you guessed it, totally free.

The service has been running since 2002 and today millions of people across the UK watch TV via Freeview every day.

From the grey skies of Grimsby to the sunny docks of Southampton, Freeview is used all over. From time to time, the TV service rolls out some nationwide alterations to its channels.

Although the vast majority of channels are staying the same for Freeview customers residing in Sheffield, some of them are changing in 2020.

So, is Sheffield Freeview down? What’s going on with the channels?
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Is Freeview down in Sheffield?

As far as we can see, Freeview in the Sheffield area isn’t down. However, as of February 5th 2020, some major changes were made to Freeview channels in the area.

While some channels changed number, others vanished entirely.

The Freeview service should be running as normal for Sheffield users, however, a retune may be required to ensure you have access to all the up-to-date channels.

Freeview channel frequencies 2020: Retune dates across the UK – Sandy Heath to Kendal

Which Freeview channels have changed?

By the looks of things, it’s mainly HD and +1 channels that have been affected by the 2020 changes. According to the Freeview website, the TV service has altered the following channels.

  • BBC Four HD (watch via Channel number 9)
  • BBC News HD (watch via Channel number 231)
  • Channel 4+1 HD (watch via Channel number 15)
  • 4seven HD (watch via Channel number 47)
  • QVC HD (watch via Channel number 16)
  • QVC Beauty HD (watch via Channel number 35)
  • RT HD (watch via Channel number 234)
  • Quest HD (watch via Channel number 12)
  • TJC HD (watch via Channel number 49)
  • CBeebies HD (watch via Channel number 202)
  • 5STAR+1 (watch via Channel number 30)
  • 5USA+1 (watch via Channel number 21)
  • CBS Reality +1 (watch via Channel number 66)
  • CBS Justice +1 (watch via Channel number 39)
  • Quest Red+1 (watch via Channel number 38)
  • More 4+1 (watch via Channel number 18)
  • Together TV+1 (watch via Channel number 88)
  • Pick+1 (watch via Channel number 11)
  • PBS America+1 (watch via Channel number 91)
  • Paramount Network+1 (watch via Channel number 31)

Have any channels been lost?

Yes. Due to the February 2020 changes the following channels are no longer available on Freeview in the Sheffield area.

  • FreeSports (Channel number 64)
  • Jewellery Maker (Channel number 74)
  • Now 80s (Channel number 83)
  • Forces TV (Channel number 96)
  • Trans World Radio (Channel number 733)

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