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Can you download Houseparty on a laptop? HP, Mac and more explored

Houseparty is an app which combines social networking and video streaming.

You can almost enjoy a ‘real-life houseparty’ with a total of eight people allowed per chat. Enjoy a variety of games and features on the ‘face to face social network’ which can be downloaded for free.

Released in 2019 and developed by Epic Games – the same developers of Fortnite – Houseparty is the app everyone is talking about in 2020.

While we’re currently living in a time never experienced before, it’s important to remain in contact with our loved ones. So, for anyone wishing to video call on a larger screen, we answer the question of ‘Can you download Houseparty on a laptop?’.
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Can you download Houseparty on a laptop?

The Houseparty app has been around for a while now, but it has really surged to further fame in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Many people have been confined to their homes this Spring and Houseparty has been a welcome addition to the devices we use for a lot of us who want to stay in contact with friends and family.

Most of us know how to download and use an app to our mobile device or tablet, let’s face it we flick between Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and online banking enough.

And, for those who wish to use Houseparty on a laptop, from HP to Acer, Dell and many more, things are just as simple.

You can head to the Houseparty website and select the relevant device you’ll be using Houseparty on. It’s available for iOS, Android, Chrome and Mac.

Houseparty is downloadable for Apple Mac users – simply follow the same process and head over to the Houseparty website to download. You will need to sign up for a Houseparty account as well as downloading the app.

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How to logout of Houseparty on laptop

Logging out of the Houseparty app on a laptop is simple to do.

If you’re using an operating system such as Windows, you’ll need to navigate to the menu at the top of the screen, choose from the drop-down options a heading such as ‘Houseparty’ or ‘Settings’. Then select “log out”.

If you’re using the Houseparty Chrome extension, please follow the steps below:

Click on your name on the left-hand side of the screen > “settings” cog icon > Log out.

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Houseparty app games

One of the main attractions that Houseparty has to offer is its level of interactivity.

Like a real-life houseparty, users of the app can play games with one another while video chatting including Heads Up, Trivia: Finish the Song, Quick Draw and Chips and Guac.

Houseparty has taken things up a notch in May 2020, hosting a 3-Day festival on the app from May 15th-17th. The festival – In the House – sees over 40 of our favourite music artists, dance captains, cooking connoisseurs and gym buffs perform via video stream!

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