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Can you Chromecast Netflix Party? How to watch movies on a big screen

can you chromecast netflix party

Netflix fans can enjoy a whole host of new content in 2020, but can you Chromecast Netflix Party?

Thanks to modern technology, people don’t even have to be in the same room to ‘Netflix and chill’ with one another.

The Chrome browser extension, Netflix Party, enables users to all watch the same show at the same time and it has a chart function.

Taking the edge off the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020, the Netflix Party app means that being long distance doesn’t have to be all bad.

It’s undeniably brilliant to be able to watch Netflix remotely with friends via our mobile devices, but now Netflix Party users want to know if the app can be Chromecast. This means the content will be taken from a smaller mobile or laptop screen and cast to the big TV screen.

can you chromecast netflix party
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Can you Chromecast Netflix Party?

Yes, you can Chromecast Netflix Party.

After downloading the Chrome browser extension from the official Chrome web store, you can get started with Netflix Party. Once added to Chrome, you can then start a Netflix Party and select something to watch.

From here, if you wish to cast to the TV, navigate to the Chrome menu icon (top right) and scroll down to ‘cast’. For as long as the mobile device and the Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it should run smoothly. Click ‘cast tab’ > Select your TV.

Do you need a Netflix account to join Netflix party?

Whoever sets up the Netflix party is the only member who needs to have a paid-for Netflix subscription. The rest of the people invited to the party don’t need to have a Netflix subscription to join in.

Once Netflix Party has been installed and launched, a Netflix show selected and the participants invited, everyone should be able to watch great Netflix content without a hitch.

Whoever creates the Netflix party will be asked to send a link to anyone they wish to invite. Once you open the link, you should be able to see the host’s shared screen.

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Does Netflix Party work internationally?

Of course, when trying to stay in contact with friends or family ‘long-distance’ this can be a really long distance. For anyone wishing to Netflix Party overseas, the answer is – yes!

However, there can be some road bumps along the way if you’re wanting to Netflix Party with international friends. You’ll need to ensure that the content you intend to watch is available in both regions. As many people know, the content available on Netflix UK will differ from that of Netflix Canada, so be mindful of that.

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