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Netflix: Who is Skylar Gaertner? Parents to Instagram of the Ozark star

Drama series Ozark first hit screens in 2017. Three years later and the third series of the hit Netflix show has been released as of March 27th 2020.

Filmed mostly in Atlanta, Georgia, Ozark stars Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner.

At the centre of the series is the Byrde family, made up of Martin “Marty” (Bateman), Wendy (Linney), Charlotte (Hublitz) and Jonah (Gaertner).

An episode into Ozark series 1 and you’re surely going to be hooked, so who are the talented actors involved in the Netflix show? Let’s get to know Skylar Gaertner, parents, age and more.

Skylar Gaertner parents Netflix movie night
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Who is Skylar Gaertner?

Skylar Gaertner is an actor who plays the role of Jonah Byrde in Ozark. Jonah is a teenage boy and youngest child of Marty and Wendy Byrde.

The character of Jonah looks to be around 13 years old. Skylar’s birthday is unconfirmed, however, some online reports suggest he was born in 2004 making him 16 years old in 2020 and 13 years old as of Ozark series 1.

You may also recognise Skylar from TV series Daredevil, 2016 film The Ticket and 2015 film I Smile Back.

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Skylar Gaertner: Parents

Skylar has obviously soared to stardom since his first appearance on TV in 2008. He played Sam in TV series Lipstick Jungle.

By the looks of his Instagram account, Skylar is close to his family.

Little information is available on Skylar’s parents. However, he has two older sisters.

His eldest sister, Jenna, graduated from university in 2020 with a degree in journalism.

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Meet Skylar on Instagram

As with many actors and celebrities, Skylar is on both Instagram and Twitter.

You can follow the Ozark actor @skylargaertner on both social media sites. Skylar has over 18,000 followers collectively.

As well as posting a fair deal of Ozark promo, Skylar also takes to Instagram to share more personal photos of his pets, family and hobbies. He also writes in his bio: “My motto: “ETC” Be Excellent, be True, be Cool.”

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