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Best 32 Inch Smart TV In The UK

You might not know it, but there are solutions to your limited TV space that don’t compromise on image quality. Only the best 32 inch smart TV in the UK displays HD images in a compact body.

Most TV lovers struggle to find a good setup to watch their favourite movies or documentaries. If you’ve also struggled to fit a large TV in a small space, you know just how problematic the TV world is today. You won’t struggle to find a good large 50” TV. But at 32”, your choices are limited.

This article explains which the best 32” TVs are but it also explains why they are superior to others. Apart from a list of products, you’ll also learn more about which features are appreciated in TVs the most.

Our top picks

The most important aspect when choosing a 32” TV is image quality. Full HD and HD-ready are the main options in this small screen size. LED and LCD technologies are the 2 main options to consider in terms of the technology behind the image.

Best for HDR – LG Smart TV LED LM63

Using HDR and HLG technology, LG smart TV is a leader in detail quality and rich colour reproduction.

Best for Alexa smart homes – Toshiba 32” HD TV

The TV features built-in Alexa for easy voice control integration.

Best for Android apps – TCL 32” Smart Android TV

With an Android operating system, the TCL smart TV is a leader in Google Assistant and apps integration


Best 32 inch smart TVs in the UK

When you decide to purchase a new 32 inches smart TV, you can come back to our list and for inspiration. We only chose tried and tested TVs for top image quality, top audio quality, and perfect integration with other wired and wireless devices.

1.     LG Smart TV LED LM63

The compact LG smart TV is one of the leading options for image quality and responsiveness. With a powerful quad-core processor, it runs smoothly with no lag when changing channels or image sources. Starting from the image quality, you need to know the compact LG TV supports 720p resolution. While not fully HD, the TV has a strong set of additional features that make it desirable for the home user.

It features RF, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI ports. This allows it to connect directly to online media sources such as YouTube and Netflix. These sources are perfect to make the most of the Active HDR technology of the TV. This technology is known for optimizing every scene quickly. It incorporates HDR10 and HLG used for rich colours and added details.

With the help of Virtual Surround Sound Plus, the integrated speakers also do a good job at the audio quality of various programs. Custom profiles are available for both video and audio on the TV. For you as the user, this allows an immersive experience with different programs such as YouTube music videos, Channel 4 documentaries, or Sky Sports football games. So What is the best 32inch TV? It’s certainly the affordable and capable LM63.

TV features

  • 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Wifi, BT, and HDMI connectivity
  • LCD technology

2.     Toshiba 32” HD TV

Compatible with Freeview Play, Toshiba’s smart TV is made in a 32” version and in a smaller 24” version. The TV is mostly known for its support of various internet services such as Netflix, Prime Video, ITV Hub, BBC, iPlayer, and YouTube. If you like to get access to these services outside Freeview Play, it might also be the right TV for you.

But we recommend Toshiba’s compact HD TV for its Alexa integration as well. It features built-in Alexa which means it works both with and without an Echo Dot. But how can you integrate voice commands on a small TV in your life?

The Alexa feature allows you to simply ask for weather updates. Your TV prompts local weather information shortly. If the TV is installed in the kitchen, you can even ask Alexa to look up a certain recipe for you to follow. Parents can use Alexa to get help with homework.

A completely different approach to integrating the TV in your home is by adding it to your Alexa network. You can automate many smart home features that support Alexa right through the te. For example, you can turn the patio lights on and off from the television.

It can be said that the ideal user of this TV is someone who is a fan of Amazon’s line of products. Its use can be opened up further if you purchase the Fire TV Stick, for example. It opens up access to Amazon Prime Video.

TV features

  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Wireless and USB connectivity options
  • Built-in Alexa smart home integration

3.     Sony Bravia KDL32

The 32” Bravia TV impresses with its 1080p video quality. If you only seek out the best resolution and if you don’t want to lose any video detail in your favourite movies, you need to learn more about this TV.

With picture processing upscaling, the TV can improve standard images and make them look better. Using a high dynamic range, it also brings out details in very bright and very dark sections of the screen.

As far as usability goes, the small best 32 inch smart TV is up there with the best. Sony knows most people love Netflix (separate subscription needed) and it even included a shortcut button on the TV’s remote control to the streaming service.

The TV also comes with standard Freeview Play compatibility. It features 70 digital channels and 15 HD channels you can enjoy for free. This is one of the services which can be integrated with your smartphone as well. But Sony also uses a technology called Screen Mirroring which allows the images to be transferred the other way around from the smartphone to the TV.

An advanced function sports fans love is the USB REC function. If you have a large flash drive, you can prompt the TV to record your favourite team’s game. USB drives of up to 2TB can be used with this function.

TV features

  • 1080p video resolution
  • Compatible with Freeview Play
  • It works with HDR PS4 games

4.     RCA RB32H1-UK 32 inch HD TV

Most people looking for a small TV might be looking for a second device to use in the kitchen, in the bedroom or anywhere around the house. The popularity of the 32” RCA TV comes from its affordability first. But when you analyze it further, you find out it has everything you need to watch your favourite TV shows without.

With 720p resolution, the HD ready best 32 inch smart TV offers fair image quality and one of the simplest setups for digital TV stations. You can even use it for terrestrial TV or you can use it as a second screen to watch your favourite online movies while connected to a laptop as it features USB connectivity.

TV is also popular among users who love various gadgets. With 3 HDMI ports, it works with gaming consoles as well. Since there are plenty of ports to choose from, you want to ensure easy access to them by positioning it smartly in your home. Our recommendation is to choose a TV wall bracket with tilt capabilities for the best accessibility.

TV features

  • 1368 x 768 resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Analog, DVB-T2 (terrestrial), DVB-C (cable), DVB-S2 (satellite), and CI+ reception

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5.     Philips 32PHT5505

Some users never trust smaller brand TVs. If this is your case, you are certainly looking for a small TV made by brands such as Philips. Their 32” television doesn’t disappoint. While it doesn’t offer access to a full range of apps as its larger brothers from Philips, it makes up in image quality.

Most of those trying out the TV attest they are impressed with image quality and sharpness. This is a problem that is perpetuated by other TVs where small size is often associated with grainy images. But using LED technology, this best small TV offers more than what the average user needs in terms of how media looks.

The setup process is straightforward. You should be able to install it yourself. USB ports and 2 HDMI ports make the TV a good extension to your console or laptop as it can be used even if you don’t have cable. This is one of the ways you can bypass its limited app selection.

Another advantage tied to this TV is the simple menu layout. It’s almost impossible to find such a minimalistic menu design today in other TVs. This can also be seen as an advantage to those buying a TV model for their elder parents.

TV features

  • Compatible with Roku, Sky Mini Box, and Freeview channels
  • Runs on 1.366 x 768) resolution
  • Included table mount

6.     Cello ZBVD0223 32” inch HD Ready LED TV

This British-made TV is slowly gaining popularity. Its 32” version is a good fit for small spaces. You may even consider pairing it with its 50” version so that you have a larger display in your home when it’s time to watch a movie with the family.

The TV is made in Durham and it can be one of the purchases you make to support the local economy. On the other hand, image quality is at least as good as its big-name rivals have to offer and you won’t be missing out on any major features.

VGA, USB, and HDMI ports allow your favourite shows to be seen on the TV from various sources. It even records videos on USB drives which is a function that not many expect on the affordable device. Compatible with digital Freeview channels, it also saves you money on accessories as you can watch some of the biggest UK TV channels without extra purchases. On the other hand, you should know this TV doesn’t include a SCART socket.

TV features

  • Built-in Digital Freeview Channels
  • Wall-mountable on 100mm x 100mm TV wall brackets
  • Class A 50kWh power consumption per year

7.     Samsung 2020 32″ T5300 Full HD HDR Smart TV

Tizen OS is the main reason we like Samsung’s small 32” TV. At a fair price, it offers a better browsing experience when compared to what you get with other TVs. But we also like its 1080p resolution capabilities which are a must given the ever-increasing video quality of today’s media.

With dedicated apps, smart TV also allows you to spend less time looking for programs. Dedicated Disney+, Apple TV, and BT Sports apps allow you to get up to date with the latest programs quickly.

Since it’s a 2020 release, you might be wondering what else it brings to the table in terms of features. We like its voice control compatibility, given you have the devices which prompt these functions to the TV. But you can integrate it in a smart home that uses Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant smart devices. TV is also Bixby-compatible. We also appreciate its slightly higher refresh rate (60Hz compared to 50Hz on most 32” alternatives).

TV features

  • PurColour image processing technology
  • Compatible with 1080p videos
  • Rare A+ energy efficiency rating

8.     Sharp 1T 32” HD Ready TV

For a fraction of the price you’d pay for a similar TV, Sharp’s compact 32” performer is a top choice for wired connectivity options. It includes a mini SCART port, 2 USB ports, and 3 HDMI ports. But how can you put them in practice?

These ports can be used to connect DVD players, TV antennas, and USB flash drives. All of these inputs can easily be controlled from the included remote. There’s even a Freeview Play button on the remote control. YouTube, Netflix, and app shortcut buttons are also found on the remote.

Compatible with antennas, the TV may also work with other media sources. For example, you can share your videos from your smartphone using Miracast screen mirroring.

TV features

  • 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Compatible with Ethernet connectivity
  • Made with a built-in digital tuner

9.     TCL 32” Smart Android TV

Running on an Android operating system, smart TV is a best friend if you love Google Play apps. At the same time, Google Assistant fans are going to find it easy to integrate with smart home devices such as smart doorbells and smart door locks.

If you decide not to integrate smart home functions with your TV, you would be limiting its capabilities. Just think about T-Cast. This program allows you to cast your favourite content on the TV. Streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube are already integrated with the TV. They can be synchronized with the apps on your smartphone or secondary TVs inside your house.

But what we think is the most overlooked feature of the TCL 32 inch TV is the Dolby sound quality. Dolby audio powers high fidelity sound either on the built-in TV speakers or any other connected speakers you like. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options make the TV a solid choice if you’re tired of tripping on cables lying around the floor. What is the best 32 inch TV to buy with Dolby Audio? It’s the TCL 32” Smart Android TV.

TV features

  • Google Play compatibility
  • Enhanced Dolby Audio experience
  • Built-in Chromecast


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How to choose a 32” smart TV

When you’re after a small smart TV, it seems you can’t find all of the features you’d like in a compact design. But the good news is you can find most of them in such compact TVs and you need to decide which of these are the most important to you.

Full HD vs HD ready

Most of these 32in TVs come with 720p resolution or HD ready resolution. Some of them cover 1080p resolution which is again, a major plus given their size. The question is, which one is right for you?

To answer this question you need to think about the type of content you prefer to watch. In some cases, this content can specifically require 1080p resolution for the best details. Such content includes the following.

  • Wildlife documentaries
  • Sports
  • Movies

On the other hand, you if could overlook the 1080p capabilities, you can find a handful of good 32” TVs with 720p resolution. A lower resolution might still be good for some types of content that include the following.

  • Video recipes
  • Vlogs and YouTube
  • News channels

Finding the best video resolution capabilities on a TV is almost impossible on a compact setup. But you need to decide on which type of resolution is best for most types of content you watch.

If you mostly consume online content through YouTube, you might not need 1080p video resolution anyway, especially since it can slow down the buffering speed. On the other hand, if you plan to watch video content where the quality of the details needs to be high such as wildlife documentaries, you might only have the 1080 option to consider.

LED vs LCD technology

LED and LCD TVs now offer very good image quality. Most users can’t tell the difference between these 2 types of displays. The technicality of the discussion can belong. But this post aims to finally shed the light on the best 32 inch TVs and it needs to explain which one is right for you.

As a result, you need to know that LED is a technology that is only a very specific type of LCD technology. The main difference between these 2 technologies is in how they emit light. LCDs used to be based on cathoid fluorescent lights while LEDs used smaller lights from diodes.

In time, the gap between these technologies became narrower. TVs with LCD and LED screens now look very similar. In fact, at 32”, even some professionals can struggle to recognize a difference in how the light looks.

Smart TV features and characteristics

If you’re interested in purchasing your first smart TV, you need to know what to expect. The term ‘smart’ refers to the TV’s capability to stream, work with apps, and to be used for web browsing.

  • Streaming

Video streaming can be the most important feature of a smart TV. Services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are available through direct streaming. But not all 32” TVs can stream. Some of them are even hybrid where they can stream only a couple of services in the absences of an app installation function.

  • Apps

Installing apps is crucial for smart TV. You can install all types of apps from those dedicated to TV channels to weather apps and smart home apps that allow you to control every aspect of your house right from the TV. Apps are installed based on the existence of an operating system, similar to how your smartphone and tablets work.

  • Web browsing

Web browsing can be limited on smart TVs compared to what’s possible on personal computers. However, this function is supported by some TVs and you’re going to use it differently depending on the type of video content you want to watch the most.

For web browsing capabilities, you also need to think about the processing speed of the TV. Just as with computers, TVs have their processors which makes them more or less responsive.

  • Games

Some of the best 32 inch smart TVs allow users to play games. These games can often be installed directly on the TV and this is why the entire setup can be seen more than just a screen where you can watch the news. If games are a must for you, prioritizing a smart TV over a standard TV is a must.

Voice controls

One of the functions that have made its way to the TV world from other gadgets is voice control. This is mainly possible through virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa. This is the type of smart function which switches your TV to a control panel for the entire home. What can you achieve with a TV that features voice controls?

Most users prefer to use the TV to control smart light bulbs and to integrate smart doorbells in their homes. You can also consider the TV as an online search portal. If you want the latest weather news, you can just ask your virtual assistant for the information. If the TV is in your garage, you might even look up car repair information on your TV. How you use the function are endless.

USB recording

Another smart feature you can hopefully benefit from is USB recording. This is a function that allows you to record certain TV programs on USB flash drives (of typically 1 or 2TB). It can be a life-saving function for those who love sports and who can’t miss the action. It can also be one of the most interesting functions when it comes to recording your favourite documentaries to come back to and watch again later.

Built-in audio quality

One of the biggest issues that even some of the best 32” TVs can’t fix (compared to large TV sets) is built-in audio quality. The built-in speakers are small given the limited size of the setup. This means lows are always muted on most TVs. There are only a handful of TVs which integrated high-resolution audio capabilities such as those from Dolby Audio in the 32” space.

A way to fix this issue and to stop being annoyed by poor audio performance is by adding a soundbar to your small TV. This means you need to buy a device which comes with Bluetooth capabilities. For example, the TCL 32” Smart Android TV detailed above features wireless Bluetooth connectivity which allows it to instantly pair with wireless speakers for better audio quality.

Freeview HD ready

Freeview HD shows TV channels in both HD and standard definition. From channel 101, you can find your TV channels even in HD definition. BBC One HD, ITV HD, and Channel 4 HD are just a few channels you can watch on your compact TV.

The issue here is that there still are a few TVs that don’t include Freeview HD integration. If your TV doesn’t have built-in Freeview HD, you’ll need to purchase a box (T3) to get access to these channels in your home.

Preinstalled apps

The apps installed on a smart TV are the first impression a user makes of the product. The TVs with a good first impression feature several apps that are mainly added for quick access to a certain channel or a streaming service.

Some TVs such as the 32” Sony listed above give users the option to install apps even later on. Accessing Google Play allows users direct access to apps that are used similarly to those on smartphones.

Connectivity and ports

How many USB ports do you need? How many HDMI inputs do you need? Do you need a SCART port? These are all valid questions you need to answer before purchasing your new TV. If you decide you only need basic TV channels from an indoor or an outdoor antenna, then stressing out over ports isn’t going to be a path you walk down on.


Bluetooth integration is still almost hard to come by in the 32” segment. It’s the audiophiles that miss this connectivity function the most. If you decide you need Bluetooth, you probably like to listen to the audio of your movies or vlogs on your headphones. You might even be a parent concerned not to wake up the kids. Bluetooth can be further integrated with dedicated speakers for more immersive audio. The TLC TV listed above is one of the few that feature Bluetooth integration.

Wall mount vs table mount

Table mounts are included with all smart TVs of this size. Wall mounts such as the famous VESA aren’t included with most TVs and you need to purchase them yourself. Before making the purchase, you need to ensure the TV is compatible with the wall mount.

Since you’re purchasing a smaller TV, it’s often considered you don’t have sufficient space for a large TV. If the storage case is an issue for your home, an additional wall mount can help. For example, it can clear out the kitchen counter space.

Final words

The best 32” smart TV in the UK can also be seen as a repeat purchase. You might need small TVs around your house and as a result, we encourage you to save this page to your favourites so that you can quickly access it in the future when you decide to purchase yet another best small TV for your home. Most of these listed TVs integrate seamlessly with smart homes and other wired or wireless devices.




What are the best 32 inches Smart TV to buy?

The LG Smart TV LED LM63 is the best 32 inches smart TV. Its WiFi capabilities and the ability to view HDR images makes it the leading choice purely for image quality. While the TV has its drawbacks in the apps selection, it always gets praised by users for image quality.

Which is the best 32 inches Smart TV for apps?

The TCL 32” Smart Android TV is the best for apps. It features a responsive Android operating system with the benefits of Google Play and the apps it gives access to.

What is the best 32 inch TV to buy in the UK?

Cello ZBVD0223 32” is the best TV to buy in the UK. Made in the country, this TV has gained significant popularity in all of its versions. You can even find it in smaller and larger alternatives and since it’s tuned for the UK market, it doesn’t share Freeview problems some other TVs can be known for.

Which is the best 32 inch TV for sound quality?

The TCL 32” Smart Android TV is the best TV purely for sound quality. Featuring Dolby Audio technology, it can be useful to those who need to prioritize how the speakers sound. This includes users who listen to music on the TV. It can also be the right TV to choose if you love movies as accurate sound reproduction can make them sound considerably better.

Do 4K TVs come in 32 inches?

4K isn’t widely available in 32 inch TVs (except the Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA and a couple of other TVs). This is a technology that is yet to be implemented on small TVs, but then again, do you need this large resolution? There’s a limited amount of detail you can see on a small TV and this is why you need to focus on the best results that can be achieved in your compact setup.

What is the best make of TV to buy the UK?

At 32”, the best TVs aren’t the ones you’d normally suspect from brands such as Samsung. You have very good TVs made by TLC, Cello, and TCL. LG, Toshiba, and Sony also make solid TVs of this size. However, larger brands tend to have limited features compared to what is offered at the same prices from smaller brands.

What 32 inch TV has the best picture quality?

The LG Smart TV LED LM63 is considered the sharpest TV of 32” at a fair price. It even comes with a few adjustments just as premium TVs. Picture and audio preset can make images on this TV look even better. But even without any adjustments, most users agree the images on the TV look spectacular.