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Alexa multi-room: Music device unreachable? Here’s how to fix the issue

Housewarming, Christmas party or girls weekend? Whatever the occasion, it’s now that little bit better with Amazon’s multi-room function!

Alexa’s multi-room option is controlled at just the click of a few buttons and with it you can have music playing all over the house.

But, for all Amazon Echo’s good points, it sometimes has its bad days, too. If you’re reading the words ‘multi-room music device unreachable’ we feel your pain.

Now, to get everyone’s favourite virtual assistant, Alexa, back in your good books here’s how to get the multi-room function working again.

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Why isn’t Alexa multi-room working?

Although the fact that the Amazon Echo devices offer a multi-room function is great, sometimes it can let us down. If the Amazon Echo multiroom function isn’t working, here are some solutions to try out…

Of course, give turning everything off and on again a go. This could reset things and get multi-room up and running again.

Check that the software on all the devices you’re using is up-to-date you can usually do this by going to your settings.

Lastly, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Amazon Alexa app.
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Alexa multi-room music device unreachable

The last thing anyone needs when streaming some music to their multi-room system is for it not to work.

We’ve outlined some steps to follow below if your Amazon app is saying ‘device unreachable’.

Firstly, check that all your Echo devices are on.

Now ask – is your device compatible? This could be the first reason why multiroom wouldn’t work. A list of devices compatible with the Echo is available online via

Remember that your device cannot be connected via Bluetooth, so ensure that the wifi is turned on and in-range.

If everything looks to be connected and in full working order then delete the multi-room group that you’ve created and make a new one, starting the whole process again.

Does Alexa multi-room only work for music?

Currently, the smart speaker range only works with music. Audiobooks and movies cannot yet be played on Amazon Echos.

However, what the Echo is good at, it excels at. The audio quality is said to be crisper than the Google Home.

Amazon’ s Echo range has more than just speakers to offer in 2019. If you thought checking the weather, making to-do lists and setting your alarm by voice command was cool, then you haven’t seen the Amazon Echo Show.

The fifth generation of the device was released in 2019 and reps a 5.5-inch smart display.


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