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360 Safeguard vs Avast: Which is the best antivirus software for Windows 10?

360 safeguard antivirus windows 10 vs avast

Two of the top antivirus programs, 360 Safeguard, and Avast, compete for the same market, but one protects users of Windows 10 better than the other.

Avast has grown quickly since it came to the market and currently has 400 million users enjoying its next-level artificial intelligence.

360 Safeguard has won many awards for its innovative technology and is continuously improving its service.

Both Avast and 360 Safeguard are excellent software for keeping you safe online but they certainly have varying pros and cons. Read on to find out which software we recommend using!

360 safeguard antivirus windows 10 vs avast
PIXABAY – 360 Safeguard antivirus Windows 10 vs Avast

What makes 360 Safeguard so reliable?

With its fully comprehensive system, 360 Safeguard uses advanced features to keep your computer safe from harm.

They allow you to review the performance of your computer and optimize it while also scanning for viruses.

The program will also keep an eye on every website you visit to make sure it’s one hundred percent secure and not a scam.

Offering support on multiple platforms, in multiple languages and with a low starting cost, it’s hard to beat this software.

If you’d like to download 360 Safeguard, you can follow this link.


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Why should you put your trust in Avast?

Avast antivirus protects you from threats with its intelligent warning systems and detection technology.

With many different firewalls and filters as part of the Avast service, you won’t be spammed or hacked easily.

Early detection technology and the smart AI mean that anything dodgy will be removed immediately.

Everyone, from an individual to a large business, can use Avast and experience the same level of amazing protection.

Is 360 Safeguard or Avast the better antivirus for Windows 10?

The value of the product is reflected in the price with Avast being five times the price of 360 Safeguard.

Avast is much better at detecting threats before they can cause harm to your computer and inflict damage.

However, computer optimization is something that 360 Safeguard does extremely well, making your PC run much more smoothly.

Overall, for Windows 10, Avast offers a superior product but 360 Safeguard isn’t a bad budget option.
Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels – 360 Safeguard antivirus Windows 10 vs Avast


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