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Samsung Ecobubble WW80J5555FX review: Tech giants go green and save customers cash!

Here’s a deep-dive review into the popular Samsung Ecobubble WW80J5555FX washing machine leading the way in the eco revolution of appliances.

Eco-friendly technology is becoming increasingly popular and companies are scrambling to compete in this area.

Samsung was quick on the ball with this and came up with the Ecobubble washing machine.

The appliance has quickly gained traction as it uses less energy and therefore saves customers money.

Read on to find out more about the Samsung Ecobubble…

Saving money and the planet at the same time

There is a big push for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint in the 21st Century and everyone is looking for the best ways to do it.

Regular washing machines can use a lot of electricity and water – but that’s where the Ecobubble comes in.

Samsung did a lot of research on how to get a better wash with lower temperatures and less water.

The less water and electricity used, the more money that customers are saving with each cycle. So, it looks like it’s win-win for consumers and mother nature alike!

Impressive results for the Samsung Ecobubble

The Ecobubble offers an extremely cold wash at just 15 degrees, saving a huge amount of energy.

This ultra-cold wash worked out astonishingly cheap at just 15p per cycle but did leave behind a high amount of water.

A higher spin speed reduced the amount of water leftover and still kept energy usage low, these cycles still only cost up to 27p per cycle.

The technology in the Ecobubble allowed the water to penetrate fibres much easier than in other washing machines.




Samsung Ecobubble WW80J5555FX review: Is it worth the cost?

Being a piece of revolutionary green technology you may assume that the Ecobubble would be a very expensive machine.

Another eco-friendly rival of the Ecobubble is the Panasonic NA-168VG4 which has produced similar washing results.

Whichever eco appliance you choose is sure to save a lot of money and what’s more? You’ll also be helping the environment at the same time.