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What Number Is E4 On Freeview: How To Watch And More


What number is e4 on Freeview

On Freeview, you will find e4 on channel 13. If you’re looking for e4 on Freesat it’s 122.

Previously e4 was previously on channel 28 on Freeview.

Where else can I watch e4?

You will find e4 on the following TV services, and these are the channel numbers to find them:

  • Sky – 135
  • Virgin Media – 176
  • Cablecom (Switzerland) 164
  • Sky Ireland 135
  • WightFibre – 12


Freeview e4+1 disappeared

Although on occasion there may be issues with your Freeview box getting signal strength, you can still access e4+1 on Freeview. If you’re having issues accessing it this may be due to bad signal. However, if your tv doesn’t seem to have e4+1, Freeview has a postcode checker, so you can find out which channels you should be able to access from your home. Freeview now has e4+1 as channel 29.

e4 channel

Why have I lost Freeview channels?

Missing channels tend to be caused by an antenna issue or set up faults. If this is a new issue, then be sure to check the antenna cable is properly connected. Depending on what channels you are missing could be down to the area you live in. With some locations not getting all UK choices.

If you’ve had these channels before, or if they’re coming up in the Freeview Channel Checker for your address it may be down to the ariel, therefore it may need retuning. In total Freeview has around 140 channels.

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How do I retune my Freeview box?

In most cases, Freeview devices will prompt you to retune your box when a new service launches or when a channel change has taken place. In this case, all you need to do is press ok. However, if you find yourself needing to retune this manually here are the steps to do so.

  • Press menu on your Freeview box/device
  • Select set up, installation and then update.
  • If you’re asked for a password at this time, the default code is usually 1234 or 0000.
  • Choose first time set up as this will factory reset your Freeview box.
  • Press ok if your equipment asks if it can delete existing channels.
  • If you are prompted to press save on the channels that are found.

By doing this you can expect your Freeview device to run as if it was new, prompting any updates which are needed. This should also pull through any missing channels.

Can I get Freeview on my firestick?

There isn’t currently an app you can download to be able to watch Freeview on your Firestick. However, you can watch channels via their apps such as ITV and BBC.

Does Roku have Freeview installed?

Freeview now has its own section on Roku, which means the apps to watch Freeview on your TV can be found in the Freeview play menu and it cannot be deleted or renamed. You can find this on the home page of your Roku TV. It is worth noting that your Roku does need to be connected to the internet to be able to work with Freeview.