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What happened to J. Neilson on Forged in Fire? Has he left the series?

What happened to j. neilson on forged in fire

It’s safe to say that some of the best TV series are those which are competitive. There’s nothing better than sitting down to a new TV show and seeing the contestants go head to head.

One series which sees contestants with a very particular set of skills compete for top spot is Forged in Fire.

Forged in Fire is a series which airs on the History channel. Kicking off in 2015, the bladesmith TV show is still going in 2020.

The winner of Forged in Fire receives a cash prize of $10,000 after competing in the exciting TV series.

Let’s take a look at what happened to J Neilson on Forged in Fire.

What happened to j neilson on forged in fire
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What happened to J Neilson on Forged in Fire?

J Neilson is a judge on Forged in Fire. The bladesmith has decades of experience under his belt and holds the rank of Master Smith within the American Bladesmith Society.

Alongside J, as original judges, are David Baker and Doug Marcaida. Jason Knight and Ben Abbott also joined as judges in later series.

J, (or James), left his post in series 3 of the show, in his place, Jason Knight took up the judging role.

J Neilson Forged in Fire injury 2019

Of course, when any main member of a cast leaves a TV series, viewers are going to wonder where they’ve gone.

Season 3 of Forged in Fire saw J Neilson leave Forged in Fire.

He had to step down from his judging role to have surgery on his hand.

By the looks of things, there’s little information out there regarding the details of James’ injury. However, he left the show in season 3 and returned for the season 4 premiere, so the injury didn’t see him out of action for long.

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Is Forged in Fire on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Forged in Fire is not yet on Netflix.

The TV series airs on the History channel.

Netflix offers a huge variety of series for its subscribers to watch. The huge range of TV shows on offer ranges from crime dramas to comedy series.

From Sugar Rush to Blown Away, the diversity of Netflix shows is ever-growing. However, Forged in Fire hasn’t been added to its listings.

Forged in Fire is available to watch via Amazon Prime Video. Watch five series of the show

Watch Forged in Fire with Amazon Prime Video!

While it may be disappointing that the Forged in Fire series isn’t on Netflix. Thankfully, there is a way to watch series 1-6 of the competition with Amazon Prime Video.

Forged in Fire contestants’ websites

Forged in Fire judge J Neilson can be found on Instagram with over 50,000 followers and his knife website here, Neilson’s Mountain Hollow. Here are some of the winning contestants and their websites.

Matthew Parkison – Dragon’s Breath Forge

Craig Camerer – Camerer Knives

Mareko Maumasi – Maumasi Fire Arts

Theo Nazz – The Rock Nazz

Ethan Kempf – Kempf Forge

JD Hungerford – Hungerford Blacksmithing

What happens to the Forged in Fire weapons?

From a Viking battle axe to a Scottish claymore, a Yatagan to a T’ai chi sword, there’s no end of weapons being created episode after episode on Forged in Fire.

After seeing contestants create weapons and test them out, you may be wondering what they do with them after the show.

According to Reality Blurred, the contestants get their weapons back after the show has aired. But, the winner doesn’t get to keep their weapon, “It is vaulted and used for display on our ‘winners wall’.”

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