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Find Out What Channel Is BT Sport On Freeview TV

what channel is bt sport on freeview

Are you wondering what channel is BT Sport on Freeview?

Once you purchase the box, all Freeview channels are free. However, not every channel will be available in your region.

There are a lot of Sports channels available today that lots of people love to watch. But you have to pay to view these channels. In this article, we will show you how you can get BT Sport on Freeview TV. Although not all the options in this guide are free of charge, most of them are affordable than the other costly choices.

What channel is BT sport on your Freeview

what channel is bt sport on freeview

You can watch the BT Sport channel free of charge on Freeview HD on channel 115. Before 2018, BT Sport was broadcasting 12 live UEFA champion league matches and 14 Europa League matches at least once featuring all British clubs.

You could also see some semi-finals and final matches on this channel number free of any cost on Freeview TV. Furthermore, the live matches have also been broadcasted live on the BT Sport website.

Is BT sport available on Freeview?

After three seasons of showing live football events and programming, BT Sport has now stopped broadcasting on Freeview TV for new customers. Additionally, existing customers can not re-contract to watch BT Sport on Freeview when their term is over.

Now, all of BT Sport live coverage is behind a paywall and you need to have a BT Vision box and a decoder card to access the BT Sport Freeview platform. The BT Sport channels can be found on the following numbers on BT TV.

  • BT Sport 1 can be viewed on 408 SD and 430 HD
  • You can view BT Sport 2 on 409 SDĀ  and 431 HD channel
  • BT Sport 3 can be accessed on 410 SD and 432 HD
  • BoxNation content can be watched on 415 SD and 439 HD Channel
  • BT Sport ultimate is viewable on channel 433
  • BT Sport/ESPN is watchable on 411 SD and 434 HD channel

How can I watch BT sport for free?

You can watch BT Sport for free if you are an existing BT broadband customer. However, if you do not have BT Sport, you need to place an order by using your BT ID to watch the BT Sport on its online player or BT Sport app. You may have to pay a monthly fee to avail the opportunity. BT will then send a confirmation email that contains all the information to watch BT Sport.

Next, you can download the BT Sport app and then activate the BT Sport app on your BT account. To do this, log in to your BT account with the correct login credentials and go to BT Sport. Afterwards, follow the on-screen instructions for the activation process. Finally, launch the BT Sport app and watch football matches live.

Alternatively, you can watch BT Sport on the BT Online player by logging into the BT Sport website.

How do I watch BT sport on my tv?

You can use the following available methods to view BT Sport legally on your TV.

Use Chromecast device

If you are a BT Broadband subscriber, you can buy a Google Chromecast streaming device to enjoy BT Sport from your smartphone or tablet by casting to your Freeview TV. BT Sport iOS and Android app work well with the Chromecast. Therefore, it is a very cheap option as compared to buying BT TV and BT Vision box.

Use BT monthly pass without BT broadband

There is another way to get BT Sport on Freeview and it does require you to buy a BT Broadband package. BT offers a monthly pass that allows you to watch BT Sport without engaging in a contract. It costs less without any obligation to BT broadband and BT TV.

You can access all the content through the BT Sport app on your iOS/Android device, Samsung TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Therefore, you can send BT Sport to a Freeview TV. The monthly BT pass applies to its online player on the BT Sport website as well. Hence, you are getting a lot from this bargain.

Use PC and HDMI cable

If you are not a big fan of BT TV subscriptions, you can use your PC to stream content on your Freeview TV. Existing BT broadband subscribers can do this in the following way.

  • Open your browser on your Laptop or Desktop computer
  • Go to the BT Sport website and log in
  • Run the BT online player
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your laptop/desktop and the other end to your Freeview TV
  • Use your remote to select the HDMI channel and start watching the program


BT Sport is not available for free on Freeview TV anymore. Hopefully, this guide helped BT TV users find what channel is BT Sport on their Freeview to watch the live stream. BT broadband users can find affordable options to watch BT Sport without the need to buy a BT Vision box.