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Virgin Media Superhub 3 Modem Mode: All You Need To Know

Virgin Media Superhub 3 Modem Mode

If you’re looking into boosting your internet speeds but are not sure how to go about it, converting your hub into a modem is a great way to go about it. Whether you’re with Virgin or another internet provider.

modem mode is great for improving internet speeds around the home. If you have a Virgin Media modem, we have constructed this guide to give you all the information you need to know about the Virgin media superhub 3 Modem mode.

Here’s how to put it into the correct mode with ease.

Virgin Media Superhub 3 Modem Mode

What is modem mode?

Modem Mode is turning your Hub into your own Wifi kit. Transforming the hub into a stand-alone DOCSIS 3 Modem. Turning your Superhub 3 into Modem Mode allows you to create a multi-node mesh system to boost the wifi connection in your home. A mesh system is ideal for black spots in your house (dead wifi zoons) and boosts the wifi to higher strength in your home.

Although you can buy internet boosters, modem mode can provide faster speeds which are more effective. If you’re looking at setting your router into modem mode, keep reading for more information on how to do so.

Superhub 3 modem mode login

If you are looking to go ahead and turn your Superhub 3 into a modem, here’s the login you need to get started.

  • Enter into the address bar of your browser
  • Then locate the password for login – which is printed on the bottom of your router
  • Once you’re logged in, next select modem mode (located on the left of the screen)
  • Select enable modem mode, then apply changes
  • When in Modem mode to access your home changes, the IP changes from to

Can I restore it to router mode instead of the modem?

Yes, you can put your Superhub back into router mode with ease. Here are the steps to reverse this:

  • Enter into the search bar on your web browser
  • Login using the default password on your box
  • Click Modem Mode, then disable and apply changes
  • This will prompt the hub to reboot and activate router mode.

You can also use the reset button on the back of your router by using a paperclip to press the pinhole for 30 seconds; this will also reboot your router from modem mode back to router mode.

Modem Mode

Why is Virgin Superhub 3 not working in modem mode? We have the answers here. 

Virgin hub 3 modem mode ports, do they all work?

When you use your router in Modem Mode, only one of the ports will now work instead of 4. This means any additional ethernet cables and connections will not work. However, there are alternatives to these ports, such as adding an unmanaged switch to add additional ethernet ports.

Port 1 can only be used to connect your mesh wifi system and will not work to do anything else.

Virgin media modem mode Red light

When you notice a red light on your router, this usually means there is an error on your router. If you see this even in modem mode, you may be concerned. However, when your Superhub 3 is in modem mode, you can expect the light to be magenta. However, this may look red. This is standard for modem mode.

Are you looking to upgrade your Superhub to a faster and more efficient model?  Here’s how you can do this yourself!

What is the Virgin media superhub 4

The Virgin Media Superhub 4 is the latest Superhub, which you can upgrade to for free if you’re looking to upgrade as a Gig1 broadband customer. According to Virgin Media is also a great improvement on the Hub 3. Whether you’re a new customer or existing – Virgin advises that anyone can use the latest equipment. With its best wifi hardware specs so far. The Superhub 4 has an 11 in-built antennae, boosting the speeds of wifi in your home further.

Sky modem mode how to activate

Unfortunately, unlike Virgin Media, Sky does not currently support modem only mode.