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Virgin Media C501 error code: Get things up and running again

Virgin Media was founded in 2006 by Richard Branson and is now one of the leading providers of TV and broadband in the country with 3.4 million customers.

They are usually among the fastest providers of broadband wherever they are available and are trying to reach the most rural areas of the UK to provide better coverage.

Virgin TV, a part of the media family, is one of the top TV providers in the UK along with Sky TV.

Errors can derail a lazy Sunday afternoon where you want to watch movies so we’ve put together this guide to help you eliminate that stress and say goodbye to error codes such as c501.

virgin media c501 error code
Virgin Media c501 error code

How is this error related to my TiVo box and why is it happening?

Virgin Media error code C501 has mainly been reported by people using a TiVo box and trying to watch on-demand movies which points to the box being a significant factor.

It could be happening for many reasons, one could be a simple glitch in the software which is pretty common.

Or it could be a more complex issue such as a server problem on Virgin’s end – this is the more likely option.

We’ve included a number of solutions for you to try below and hopefully it should fix your issue whatever the cause may be.

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How can this issue be fixed?

You can try this method to check that your account and system is not suffering any issues itself.

  • Go to “Home, “Help & Settings,” “System Info” and “Virgin Media Account Status” HELP & SETTINGS > SYSTEM INFO > SYSTEM INFO (AGAIN) >  ‘Virgin Media Service Account Status.”
  • It should show “3: Account in Good Standing”.

Once this has been checked you can also carry out a service connection as the error could be network related. If your network connection is the issue you may need to restart your WiFi router.

  • Go to “Home,” “Help & Settings,” “Settings,” “Network,” and “Connect to the Virgin Media Service Now.”

If you fail to connect you will need to troubleshoot your network connection in order to gain access.

Don’t let poor Wi-Fi interrupt your down time!

Virgin’s TiVo box has a tonne of content to offer, but if your Wi-Fi isn’t sufficient, you’ll more than likely not have access to any of it.

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What to do if that doesn’t work

Restarting your TiVo box and WiFi router together is a good idea, make sure to leave them both off for several minutes to ensure they can fully reset.

It could also be a national issue so check that the servers aren’t down as there is nothing you can do to resolve this, Virgin will be doing their best to get the servers working again. For updates on any outages, please click here.

Virgin often runs updates on its service, which, of course, affects people across the whole country. Your box may be receiving updates. So, try seeing if the error still exists 15 or 20 minutes later. Hopefully, it will be corrected on Virgin’s end in a timely manner.


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