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The Toshiba 55U5863DB TV offers one of the best viewing experiences on the market

Tech giants Toshiba are back with a brand new TV release. Toshiba are certainly huge players in the electronics market with laptops, tablets, DVD, Blu Ray Players and more produced by the company.

With technology advancing faster than ever before, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the techy specifications that TV’s offer these days.

With words like OLED, UHDR and others being thrown around, does anyone know what they really mean and which one is better than the other?

We take a look at the Toshiba 55U5863DB TV – from its price to specifications. Let’s see if this could be your next techy purchase!

toshiba 55u5863db

How does this TV separate itself from the rest?

Toshiba really went all out to make this 55-inch design as compact and space-saving as possible. There’s barely any edging around the screen and the stand is very stylish and modern.

The Toshiba 55U5863DB comes with a 4K display which makes for a fantastic display. The sharpness that this model delivers is stunning, almost lifelike.

As well as a great picture, this TV model features Onkyo speakers meaning that everyone in the room can share the same great viewing experience.

Taking things up a notch, the TV is also compatible with Alexa technology. So, if you have an Amazon Echo or Echo dot, you can control your television just with your voice.

Should you have any hesitation when buying the Toshiba 55U5863DB?

Although this is a great TV screen there are some specifics that people could notice.

The TV comes without local dimming, which is probably avoided to save energy. The black colour levels are diminished and not as deep as other TV sets.

We would rate this television as a fantastic all-rounder. If you love to chill out and watch YouTube videos or binge on Netflix then it comes with all the apps.

One thing we would note is that this TV may not be built for gaming pros as you’re likely to experience slightly higher levels of lag. However, we can point you in the direction of some great TV screens specifically suited to gamers.

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Here are some similar TVs you could also consider

There are some great deals around for the Toshiba 55U5863DB TV. You can buy one online on Amazon for around £350 which, in our eyes, isn’t bad at all.

A slightly smaller Toshiba model with the 49UL5A63DBS for the same price gets you small screen but a lot of advanced features.

If you’re a big fan of Samsung, then this UE55RU70 is a slightly more expensive £429 – it also offers amazing picture quality.

We would say the best value option is the 55U5863DB as we’ve reviewed above for the price and capabilities.