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Is Your TalkTalk Router Flashing Orange: Router Lights Explained

When attempting to use your internet, you may notice that your router has different lights that aren’t usually present. With so many other error codes and lights, it can be not easy to know what is going on with your router. However, we have created this guide to provide you with the support with your router and what the different lights mean. If you’re unsure about a light on your router or require further help understanding the functions of your box, do let us know, and we’d be happy to help support you with this.

Which router do I have from TalkTalk?

The WiFi Hub Black is a Huawei Hub, and their other WiFi hub is a Sagemcom. Depending on the package you set up with TalkTalk will depend on the hub you are sent. If you have one of their basic packages, such as Fibre 35 or Fibre 65 or if your area does not yet have the capabilities for Fibre. Whereas if you have Ultra Fibre Optic, Fibre 500 or Fibre 150, you will get the Sagemcom hub. Both hubs have the same aesthetic.

In the past, TalkTalk has sent out their Super Router for customers with faster packages. This hub had six lights on the front and was plain. However, since then, they have released a new hub similar to their Huawei Hub in terms of looks. Although they function slightly differently, both have a sleek design that the Superhub doesn’t have.

TalkTalk internet light off
The latest Hub from TalkTalk

What colour lights should my hub show?

You can expect your hub to show four main types of lights. The colours of these lights are:

  • Blinking amber and white
  • Blinking amber
  • Solid White
  • Solid Amber

TalkTalk router flashing Orange; what does this mean?

The new TalkTalk Wi-FI hub only has one light on the front and a lit-up display.

If your router shows a flashing orange (or blinking amber) light, it simply means that it is starting up.

Then if it flashes orange and white, this means it is connecting to broadband. You can expect to see this if you’ve lost internet and it is reconnecting.

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TalkTalk router flashing orange  

What does a solid Amber light mean?

Ideally, you shouldn’t see the solid amber light on your router; this means there is a problem. Usually, this occurs when your router is unable to connect. Allow around 15 minutes to see what happens with this. However, if after this time period the light doesn’t disappear, we’d recommend rebooting your router by using the following steps below:

  1. Please turn off your router at the wall, either by unplugging it or turning the socket off.
  2. Allow for all of the lights to turn off (this may take a few seconds after being unplugged)
  3. Leave it off for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Turn it back on and allow 10 minutes for it to start up
  5. If you’re still getting router lights that aren’t white, try the process again.

If you are still receiving this error or are unsure what is happening with your router, it is worth reaching out to TalkTalk customer service to allow them to look into it. They will offer support such as a system reboot and a line test before providing you with a replacement router.  You can speak to them via live chat or their support community to seek their assistance with this.

What does the solid White light on my router mean?

The solid white light on your router means that you are connected to the internet. This light should always be there when connected. You should be able to see this above the words TalkTalk at the bottom of the router.

What does the Blue light on my wifi router mean?

TalkTalk has advised that the blue light on your wifi router is just white as there aren’t any blue lights that should appear on your box. However, if there seems to be a blue light, this router may be faulty. In this case, TalkTalk will send out a replacement for free.


Talk Talk Router Setup
Superhub from TalkTalk


How many lights does the TalkTalk Super router have?

The super router from TalkTalk has six lights on the hub. These are – power, broadband, internet, wireless, ethernet and TV. When setting your router up, all of the lights on the front will be red. However, when it has started up, you expect all of these to be green.

What do the lights on the Super router mean?

On the front of the router, where you will find your power lights, you may see different coloured lights, so what do the colours mean, and how do you fix them?

Red light

The red light usually appears for two reasons: when it’s starting up for the first time and when the software is updating within the router. If the router is not currently being used, you can also expect to see red lights.

Solid Green light

If you’re getting a green light on your Super Router, this means that everything is up to date and ready to be used.

Flashing Green light

If you happen to be getting a flashing green light on your hub, please check that your cables are connected correctly. As if they have come loose, then this could cause the error.

Even if your router is working correctly, the wireless and the ethernet lights flash when connected devices. However, the TV light will stay a solid green light when used.