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Sony MDR-EX650AP in-ear headphones reviewed: Are they worth the price tag?

When looking for a quality pair of in-ear headphones you might have a priority checklist. Factors such as design, sound quality or the ability to not fall out while running are just some that people consider when buying new headphones.

We take a look at the Sony MDR-EX650AP in-ear headphones to find out whether they are something worth purchasing in 2020 or if there are more suitable options out there.

At a glance, these popular headphones look like they tick just about every box. So, we’ve gone over the good and the bad below.

Read below to find out the best parts of these headphones and why they make our wishlist.

sony mdr-ex650ap

Practicality is a strength of the Sony MDR-EX650AP headphones

With some earphones, it’s normal for them to get a bit uncomfortable after a while. It seems like you couldn’t wear them all day but the Sony MDR-EX650AP headphones are superbly comfortable and fit into the ear perfectly.

Even without an ear hook, they pass the running test and don’t fall out often which is great for fitness fanatics.

The sound quality with these headphones is also great as well as their sleek design, we’d say they’re nothing too garish – just simple audio elegance.

Did we find any negatives with the Sony headphones?

While it is hard to find a negative about these headphones, no piece of equipment is absolutely perfect.

If you’re an Apple product user you might prefer a three-button remote but that is something that perhaps just a few will take issue with.

Also, this is personal preference again, depending on which headphone style you prefer, but some could argue it would be nice to have the headphones in a wireless edition in this modern age.

For the great audio product Sony is offering,  the price is amazing at just £60.

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Our final verdict on the Sony MDR EX650AP in-ear headphones

If you need a pair of good-quality headphones and have a mid-range budget then we’d say the Sony MDR-EX650AP headphones are a perfect choice.

We couldn’t recommend a better product as there are some comparable models but these have everything you could want.

If you are looking for something similar that ticks all the boxes but is wireless then take a look at the Optoma NuForce BE Sport4.

Otherwise, it’s hard to give you another option rather than these Sony in-ear headphones!