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Sky Q New Channels For New and Existing Customers

Sky Q New Channels For New and Existing Customers

Sky Q is Sky’s premium TV product with lots of new channels. The company is keen to shift all existing Sky+ customers to Sky Q. Sky Q is not just a top-end TV service but also a complete package of devices.

The top range 1TB and 2TB Sky Q set-top-boxes are meant to sit in the living room. However, the 1TB Sky Q box has a smaller hard drive for people on a budget and lacs Ultra HD support. Furthermore, Sky Q mini boxes are replacing the Sky Multiroom to extend the service into other rooms in your home.

Sky Q box comes with a voice-controlled remote and a hub internet router. Recently, Sky has introduced a new Sky Q IP box to let you watch sports, movies, documentaries, TV shows, and on-demand content via your home broadband to eliminate the need for a Sky satellite dish.

What extra channels do you get with Sky Q?

Sky Q New Channels For New and Existing Customers

Sky Q offers a lot of packages to its subscribers at a monthly cost. Some packages are great for people who are on a budget while others are for pure pleasure. Additionally, you can add different packages to make a bundle and get the best benefit at reasonable prices.

Let’s take a look at different Sky Q packages and explore how many new channels you can get on each of them.

Sky Entertainment

Sky Q Entertainment is a basic package that includes all the channels that you get through aerial with catch-up options and extras like E4 and 5 USA. You’ll also get Sky’s channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Two, Sky One, Sk Arts, Sky Witness, and Sky Living.

In short, Sky basic Entertainment package will get you 300+ channels, most of which are available on Freeview as well, with no add-ons.

Sky Signature

Sky Signature is a great TV package that will get you 300+ Entertainment package channels. 500 Skybox sets pack comes as a standard on this package. Furthermore, you can add and cancel any extra add-on such as HD, or Ultimate TV pack (Netflix).

If you have an HD package, Sky Signature offers Ultra HD that you can avail as an upgrade to unlock access to certain Sky shows in Ultra HD. However, depending on what HD package you have, Sky will determine whether you’ll get a Basic Netflix, HD – No HD, or Standard and Ultra HD – Premium.

Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema package offer the best classics and the latest blockbusters movies. Also, you’ll get a premier every day and 12 Sky Cinema channels on demand. These 12 channels include Action, Comedy, Disney, Classics, Family, Select, Great, Premiere, Hits, Romance, Horror, Sci-fi, and Thriller genres.

Sky Sports

The Sky Sports package lets you choose a full pack that has all the sports channels or 3 individual packs. Sky Sports channels that are included in the current package are Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Main Event, and Sky Sports Football.

Sky Sports broadcasts 146 Premier League TV matches. BT Sport and Amazon Video Prime show 61 and 23 live games respectively. Therefore, you are getting the best deal here.

Sky Ultimate TV

Sky Ultimate TV package combines the Signature package with a Netflix subscription. This bundle is cheaper than opting for both packages individually. However, you’ll get the basic Netflix subscription package with the Sky Ultimate TV package.

With the basic Netflix subscription and Sky HD pack, you can watch on two devices in HD quality. Netflix premium is also available in the Sky Ultimate TV package but you have to throw the Sky Ultra HD pack into the mix as well.

Sky Kids

With the Sky Kids package, you can entertain your little ones with over 10 kids’ TV channels. Sky Kids channels include Baby TV, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Nick Jr Too, NickToons, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior.

Sky HD

If you have an HD TV, you can get the most out of it by subscribing to the Sky HD package. You can watch a lot of channels in amazing high definition quality. Furthermore, your kids can watch some of their programs in HD too if you add the Sky Kids pack with the Sky HD package.

What are the 3 new Sky channels?

What are the 3 new Sky channels?

Sky has confirmed that the Sky Q subscribers will get access to three new channels from May 27, 2020. These three channels are Sky Documentaries, Sky History, and Sky Nature. Now, you can get a truckload of factual programs on-demand or live.

The best part is that you won’t be charged as an additional extra for these three channels. Unlike Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, these channels are absolutely free for Sky Q subscribers.

Is Skyone gone?

Is Skyone gone?

Yes, Sky One is gone for sure since 1st September 2021. After 40 years, Sky One, which has been the home for Simpson for the last 32 seasons has vanished from the Sky Q lineup. It was announced back on 28 July 2021 that the oldest non-terrestrial channel would be retired soon.

Is there a new Skyone Channel?

Is there a new Skyone Channel?

As Sky One didn’t get a chance to blow out its 40th birthday candles, two new channels called Sky Showcase and Sky Max have dethroned Sky One. Live Sky programs are available on Sky Showcase while Sky Max is both for on-demand and live channels.

Sky Showcase and Sky Max are becoming a real blend of genres such as Sky Documentaries and Sky Comedy which you won’t find when you tune in to Sky Crimes. Therefore, you can say that these two channels are proving to be a centre point for everything you see on other Sky channels.


We are getting closer and closer to the new era of dishless Sky entertainment. The new and upcoming Sky Q IP box can be the game-changer in this regard. Possibly, the Sky Q IP box packages will remain the same as they are on Sky Q. Therefore, this guide should help you hunt for the best Sky Q packages with new channels options.