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Sky on demand not working with Plusnet? We suggest why and what to do next

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Plusnet is a provider of broadband and other services in the UK and was acquired by BT Group in 2007 despite operating as a separate company.

There are mixed reviews when it comes to Plusnet’s customers, many people love the service they receive but there are a mixed bag of reviews online.

Plusnet broadband customers who pay the monthly subscription for Sky on-demand seem to be finding that they can’t watch the on-demand programmes with their Plusnet service.

We take a look at why this may be and what to do if you’re experiencing the issue of Sky on-demand services not working with Plusnet!

sky on demand not working with plusnet
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On-demand not working: Is it to do with the IP address?

If your Sky on-demand services aren’t working with Plusnet, there may be an issue with your broadband router. The Sky on-demand service will be trying to connect to your router using a secure internet connection.

First things first, let’s reboot the Sky system. Turn everything off at the wall and wait around a minute. Then switch everything back on and wait for it to load. Your Plusnet router should now send a new IP address to the Sky box, thus providing the internet connection required for Sky on-demand!

This may be the cause of the issue for anyone who has recently changed to Plusnet from another internet provider.

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Sky on-demand, Plusnet and the WEP key!

Another potential culprit ready to take the blame for the Sky on-demand services not connecting to your Plusnet router is the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key.

A WEP key is a security passcode for Wi-Fi devices and there seems to be an issue to do with WPA (WiFi Protected Access key) Keys and WEP Keys when it comes to Plusnet and Sky on-demand.

There is a way to get around the WEP key/WPA key issue and that’s by overriding a WiFi connection altogether and hooking the Plusnet router up to the Sky box via and old-school ethernet cable.

This should totally rectify the issue and your on-demand programmes should now be loaded and ready to watch.

Unsure of how to do this? You can talk to our experts who are happy to help right now on our freephone number!

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