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The Cause Of Your iPhone 11 Random Notification Sound

If you have an iPhone 11, you may be aware of the random notification sound which is affecting users. Whether you’ve got a new phone or you’ve noticed the alert has started happening recently, we have the answer to fix your notification issue.

Some users report a random beeping sound coming from their phone despite it being on silent. With so many possible troubleshooting methods, we have compiled a simple and easy to follow post to get your phone to stop beeping.

If you require your phone to stop beeping right away and don’t have time to fix the iPhone 11 random notification sound, put your phone into do not disturb mode. This should then stop any type of notification on your phone, including sounds.

Why does my iPhone play a random notification sound on silent?

iPhone 11 Random Notification Sound
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There are a few reasons why your iPhone may be playing a random notification sound whilst on silent, but the most common reason is due to an app sound setting being switched on, this can happen automatically when you install a new app. You can also expect this to happen when you change your notification settings from off to on.

When your phone is on mute, you would expect any sound coming from your phone to also be on silent. However, when a notification sound is turned on it can override these settings.

Although this is likely to be the issue, there are other reasons as to why iPhone 11 has a random notification sound.

  • Your phone has come unmuted making sounds from your phone play out loud
  • The device may be playing an ad from an open tab on your web browser
  • You could have left certain app sound notifications on
  • Your iPhone 11 needs updating to a new version of iOS.

We know how annoying your iPhone 11 random notification sound is, therefore we have compiled a list of easy fixes to stop the random notification sound.

How to fix the iPhone 11 random notification sound

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You can stop your iPhone from making random noises by turning off the notification sounds in your settings, once you have done this you should no longer get the sound. However, you may not know which of the apps is making the noise, therefore will have to check all of the apps which have sound notifications enabled.

How do I turn off the sound settings on my iPhone?

Step 1. Head to the settings cog on your iPhone

Step 2. Select Notifications

Step 3. Click on the apps which have ‘sounds’ underneath them

Step 4. Then toggle off for each one

Step 5. Close all apps and see if the error still remains

Fix 2. Make sure Ringer switch is the right way

Although it might seem obvious, the ringer switch on the side of your phone may have accidentally been taken off silent. When your phone is on silent it should have the switch facing up and down when it is off silent. With such an easy to flip switch, you may accidentally put it in the downside position which put your phone on loud.

To check which setting your phone is, test whether the volume turns up or not.

Fix 3. Soft reset your phone

The next troubleshooting fix is to soft reset your iPhone 11. Although this involves your phone restarting it doesn’t remove your data. If you’re looking to do a soft reset on your iPhone with face ID, here’s how:

  1. Press the Volume up button on the side of your iPhone quickly
  2. Next press the Volume down button
  3. Keep holding the volume button down but then also hold the side button.
  4. After a few seconds, you should get the apple logo, once you get this release the button.

Once you have reset your iPhone 11, to test whether the issue still occurs put your phone on mute once again and test if this plays out loud. If you notice that you still get a random notification sound, we’d recommend following the next troubleshooting fix.

Fix 4. Update your notification settings

You can set the sound notifications individually for each app on your iPhone, therefore updating your notification settings be beneficial when troubleshooting this issue. In order to update your iPhone notification settings, you need to do the following:

  1. Head to settings followed by notifications
  2. Click on Notification Style, then allow notifications on or off.
  3. If you choose to have them on you can choose to have them come through at a certain time
  4. You can also choose whether you want a specific app to produce sound and also if you want any form of notifications for this app.

Fix 5. Update your iPhone

When you update your phone you may notice a difference in the notification styles. With the latest version of iOS, some users have reported a fix of the annoying beeping sound. However, there are still users who are experiencing this. If you are able to head to your settings then choose updates, and if there is an outstanding update be sure to install it.

Fix 6. Check alert settings

Under notifications, you may notice you have some additional settings at the bottom of the page. If you’re in the UK you can expect to see Extreme Alerts and Severe Alerts. In the USA it is known as Public Safety Alert, Amber Alerts and Emergency Alerts.

These alerts can be loud as they are used to get your attention, however, if you do not know they are there, the noise they make can be alarming. You can turn these off by toggling them off. However, these alerts are recommended to be kept on.

Fix 7. Look at your Bluetooth settings

If you are connected to another device by Bluetooth, your device may pick up the notifications for that device and play them via yours. For example, if you have an iPad attached to your iPhone, the iPad will get alerts through as well as the iPhone.

To stop this from happening you can turn off Bluetooth by pulling down the top bar and pressing the Bluetooth icon which should grey out when turned off.


Although we hope our guide has been helpful when it comes to fixing the iPhone 11 random notification sound. However, if you are still unable to get rid of that annoying sound be sure to reach out to Apple via their live chat or support desk.