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Three Mobile Error: How To Get Your Phone Working Again

There are numerous reasons as to why you may get an error code on your Three Mobile. The majority of Three Mobile Error codes come from internet issues or trying to send messages. Although these issues are frustrating, here at Digi Help Desk, we have some easy to follow troubleshooting methods. Which should help to resolve any errors you may get on Three.

Whether you’re a new customer or existing, understanding why these errors happen and how to quickly fix them is a must.

Therefore if you are wondering why are you getting a Three Mobile error and how to fix it, keep reading to find out more.

Why am I getting a Three Mobile Error?

Three Mobile Error
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Is Three Mobile down today?

If you’re unsure whether Three Mobile is down right now, we’d recommend using Down Detector for an easy to use way to figure out whether it’s your device or Three Mobile.

Unable to use Mobile Data on Three: how do I fix this?

Three Mobile Error
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Put your phone in Flight Mode

Switching your phone into Flight Mode is ideal for shutting down all processes running in your phone, which includes data/wifi. When you switch Flight Mode off, the internet connection to your phone will come back.

Make sure your wifi is turned off

When you’re out and about, making sure your wifi is turned off to allow your mobile data to work is key.

Often if we leave wifi on, but it is still trying to connect outside of your home. Meaning your phone will try to connect to open networks such as pubs and coffee shops. Unless you type the password to sign in your phone will be trying to use the wifi from there. Which will not load, especially when you are trying to use mobile data.

Switch to 3G

If you’re in a place such as a town or city and notice a drop in your mobile data, we’d recommend changing from 4G/5G down to 3G. Although this doesn’t sound ideal, it is a way to get your internet woes resolved.

If you’re unsure how to switch your data to 3G here’s how:

On an iPhone:

Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data > 3G

On Android: 

Settings > Mobile Network > Preferred Network Type > 3G

Why are my texts not sending Three?

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Attempting to send a text on Three but it keeps failing? We know how annoying it is to have these problems with text messages. Especially when you need to send a message in a hurry. If you are having issues with sending text messages, receiving messages or being unable to send pictures. Here are some of the common reasons as to why you’re having issues with Three:

  • Phone storage is full
  • You’ve hit your spending cap
  • You have no signal
  • Three is down
  • Your plan doesn’t include picture messages

Depending on the error, will depend on how to fix it. However, we have some easy fixes to get your Three Mobile sending texts again.

How to resolve Three Mobile Error with texts?

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Fix 1. Check your phone memory

If you are having issues with your phone memory it may stop you from receiving texts if there isn’t any room on your device. In order to fix this error, try deleting some messages on your device. Once you’ve done this the message which wasn’t able to be delivered before should now come through.

Fix 2. Reset your message settings

Although resetting your message settings may seem difficult it can be done quickly and easily in your settings. Here’s how to fix reset your message settings if you are on an Android device or iPhone:

How to reset your message settings on Android

  • Head to your phone settings > more
  • Choose wireless and networks > mobile network
  • Then choose access point names, followed by edit access point
  • Next update the details to match the following settings, which can be found on Three:

Name: 3


User name: [leave this field blank]

Password: [leave this field blank]


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8799

APN type: internet + mms

Resetting your message settings on your iPhone

If you are using an iOS device, here are the steps you need to take in order to reset your message settings on iPhone:

  • Settings > General > About (then allow 15 seconds) > Update
  • If the details do not match those above, then edit the parts which don’t match in order to reset the details

Fix 3. Turn your device off and on again

Although this may seem like a basic fix, turning your device off and then on again can make a difference when troubleshooting your device. If you are unable to send a message, turning your device off and then back on again may fix this.

Fix 4. Use the coverage checker

Next, we’d recommend using the Three Coverage Checker to find out if there are any outages in your area. Sadly if there is an outage in your area, you are unable to do anything further in terms of troubleshooting.

However, be sure to report the issue to Three as they may not have picked this up yet.

Fix 5. Remove your spend cap

If you are attempting to send picture messages and are unable to do so, this is likely to be due to you not having sufficient funds on your account and hitting your spend cap. If you set up a spending cap and now want to remove this here’s how:

  1. Open the Three App
  2. Go to bills, then select set a spending cap – set this to £0 to remove or a higher amount than what exists currently if you are looking to send pictures
  3. Be sure to add one back in if you’re worried about spending too much on your device


Although any mobile phone issues can be annoying and stressful, we are confident these issues can be resolved by troubleshooting. However, if you’re still experiencing issues with your Three mobile, reach out to Three to report the issue and advise of the troubleshooting methods you’ve tried.