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How to turn on a TV with Alexa and Firestick: Use voice control seamlessly

turn on tv with alexa and firestick

Wondering how to turn on a TV with Alexa and a Firestick? Wonder no more!

Modern technology often comes with an edge that its predecessors did not – and that is AI.

Alexa is widely known as many households’ virtual assistant. whether scheduling an appointment or checking the weather forecast, Alexa is there to help.

So much so that some TV lovers are wanting to go-handsfree and use Alexa to select things to watch.

Thankfully, these things are all possible in the modern age. So, here’s how too turn on a TV with Alexa and an Amazon Firestick.

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What is ‘Alexa’? And doesn’t a Firestick come with a remote control?

Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant created with AI technology.

The virtual assistant is commonly known as Alexa and is helpful in many peoples’ homes.

The technology was first used in Smart speakers created by Amazon. Now, Alexa comes installed in a variety of products including the Echo devices, Firestick, Philips Hue lights and more.

Much like Apple’s Siri or Windows’ Cortana, Alexa is there to assist device users in their day-to-day life.

Turning on a TV with a regular Firestick

The Fire TV Stick 4K comes Alexa enabled. However, if you use an older model of Firestick, you may not have this function.

In both cases, the Fire TV Stick comes with a remote. So, without Amazon’s Alexa, the TV can be controlled via remote control.

The navigation and volume control can be carried out via the remote.

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How to turn on a TV with Alexa and Firestick

The Alexa commands are very straightforward. According to Amazon, simply saying “Turn Fire TV on” or “Turn Fire TV off” will control the television.

Of course, if you’ve already attempted these commands, you may be wondering what the requirements are to make this happen. (We won’t tell anyone you’ve been shouting “Alexa” at a non-responsive screen for hours…)

With Alexa, you can power the TV on and off, control the volume, switch input channels, navigate the channels and control live playback.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that on your TV, CEC is enabled in the HDMI settings. To do this, head to the TV Settings > System > enable “HDMI Device Link” or toggle “CEC” on.

Then, link your devices by following the steps below. Here you’ll be able to see which devices are Alexa compatible, too.

Download and open the Alexa app > Settings > TV & Video > Fire TV > Link Your Alexa Device.

Ensure that both the Fire TV device software and the Alexa app are running on the latest versions available.

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