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How To Get Disney Plus On An Older Sony Smart TV: Easy Guide

how to get Disney Plus on an older sony Smart TV


How do I add Disney Plus to my Sony Smart TV?

There are two ways for you to download Disney Plus to your Sony Smart TV. However, there are some Sony models which don’t allow the use of downloading apps. If your Smart TV is one of the models made after 2015, this should be an easy process. However, some of the earlier models require a little bit of extra work. So what are the differences between the three types of smart TV?

Android vs Smart TV vs Google TV

Sony has a range of TV’s and, dependant on the age and model, can vary what operating system it is on. Whether your tv is run on Android, Google or another Smart TV. The age of the TV usually decides this.  If you’re unsure which model your TV is running, here’s how you can tell the difference between the TV’s:

Google TV

Tv’s from Sony that came out in 2021 are now automatically Google TV. As this is a Google-operated TV, you can access the Disney + app from the TV just as you would any other app. Sign in to your TV with your Google account, and you’re good to go.

Android TV

An Android Tv looks similar to Google TV in terms of the home screen. Still, the way to tell the difference is instead of a Google account option at the top of the page, and it is a cog (settings icon) – on an Android TV, you can also get the app for Disney + as Google Play Store runs the apps.

Other Smart TVs

Sadly, most older models of Sony TV or basic Smart Tv’s do not offer the option to get the app for Disney Plus. However, there are ways around this.

If you’re still unsure which TV you have, you can search this online and advise the operating system if you know the model number or get in touch with customer service. They will be able to advise more info on your tv.

Is my Sony TV too old for Disney Plus?

Although your device may be an older Sony TV model, it should still be compatible via a 3rd party device. However, due to the change in the operating system back in 2015, you will be unable to access it directly via an app. Which in fact means no Sony TV’s are too old for Disney Plus as long as they offer somewhere to add the 3rd party device and are optimised to work with the internet.


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How to add Disney Plus to a Sony TV?

Sony decided to make their TVs with an Android operating system, allowing easier access to apps. However, Sony only did this in 2015, so older models cannot access the Google Play Store for app download. In 2021, Sony added Google TV to its products, allowing even easier browsing and a larger app library.

For models dating from 2015 onwards, follow these steps to get Disney Plus to your Sony Smart tv:

  • Head on to your TV, and click ‘Google Play Store.’
  • Once you’ve clicked this, you should be able to locate the Disney Plus app.
  • Download it, and then you’re good to go.

Can I upgrade my non-android smart TV to an Android TV?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. According to Sony, the operating systems architecture is unique to Sony’s TV line-up, making it impossible to change.

How do I get Disney Plus on my older Sony Smart TV?

With your older TV, you can expect some issues when adding the Disney Plus to your tv. As the TV itself cannot download the app, you will need to source a different way to watch Disney + via your pre-2015 Sony TV. But your Disney Plus woes can be resolved by using a 3rd party device, which allows app installation.

Some examples of 3rd party devices include-

  • A games console, e.g. Xbox 4 and 5 or Playstation 4 or 5
  • A Roku or an Amazon Firestick
  • Google Chromecast
  • From your laptop
  • Tv services such as Sky or Virgin


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